How to Bypass FRP Lock on Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J250F

If you want to know how to bypass FRP lock on Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J250F, then you are in the right place. In this post, we will share the complete guidelines for bypassing FRP lock on your Galaxy smartphone. Also, we will inform you what tools and drivers you need to use to complete this task.

What is FRP Lock on Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J250F?

FRP is the abbreviation of Google Factory Reset Protection lock on Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J250F, also known as Google account lock. It is one of the top security measures of Google to protect the identity of the actual owner. After enabling the FRP lock, nobody can unlock the phone without the real ID credential to prevent potential theft and stealing. 

However, even if the FRP lock is activated on the J2 Pro device, the actual owners may forget Google ID and password. Thus, they cannot open the device. In that situation, you will need to bypass the Google FRP lock. But many Android users do not know how to bypass this lock. This post will share all the complicated steps to bypass FRP lock on Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J250F in a simplified way.


  • Samsung USB Driver
  • FRP Files (.TAR files)
  • Samsung Odin
  • Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J250F smartphone with at least 50% percent battery
  • Windows PC

How to bypass FRP Lock on Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J250F

There are several proven methods to bypass FRP lock on the Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J250F model. You can use Windows PC and the APK file. In this post, we will share how to unlock FRP with the FRP file. However, you can use FRP Bypass APK and Google Account Manager APK to bypass factory reset protection. 

This method essentially wipes your phone and all of its contents entirely, so you’ll want to make sure that you have everything backed up just in case. After taking a backup of all essential data, files, and rich media, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download the Samsung USB driver and install it on your Windows computer. However, if you have already installed the USB driver on your PC, you do not have to install it again.

Step 2: Also, download the FRP files on your PC, and extract the content in a folder.

Step 3: Then, switch off your Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J250F smartphone.

Step 4: Now, press and hold the Volume Down, Home, and Power button simultaneously for 6-8 seconds, and you will see the download mode is activated.

Step 5: When the download mode is activated, you will see the “Warning Yellow/ White Triangle Sign.” Now, press the Volume Up key to continue the process.

Step 6: In this phase, download Samsung Odin latest version and install it on your PC.

Step 7: Now, connect your smartphone to a Windows computer.

Step 8: When you connect the Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J250F smartphone to Windows PC, Samsung Odin will quickly identify the connected mobile and show the “Added” message to its log area.

Step 9: When Samsung Odin detects the phone, click on the AP/PDA button, and choose the “FRP.tar” file.

Step 10: After selecting the FRP file, click on the “Start” button in Odin to start the flashing process.

Step 11: It will take no more than one minute to bypass the FRP lock on your device. When the FRP lock is removed, you will see the green box of passing. In the meantime, your smartphone will restart automatically. 

Step 12: If you see the “Pass” option in the Samsung Odin, disconnect the handset from the PC.

Step 13: Reboot your phone, and you will not have any FRP lock.

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FRP lock is the precautions of Google to protect Android devices from unauthorised access. However, if the actual owners forget their Google ID and password, they have to go through these steps to bypass Google Factory Reset Protection lock and set new security measures. We have tried to explain all steps to make it simpler. However, if you still have any issues regarding this issue, please comment below, and we will try to resolve your problem ASAP.

Warning: This guide is for the actual Galaxy J2 Pro SM-J250F owner. We strictly forbid using this tutorial on any stolen smartphone or tablet. Please proceed to the next phase if you are the real owner and want to bypass the Google FRP lock on your phone. We are not responsible for any misuse of this method.

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