Miracle Eagle Eye Latest Setup V3.12 Free Download & Tutorial

Download the Miracle Eagle Eye latest version 3.08 setup file and repair Chinese smartphones and tablets. It is a multi-functional tool that works on MediaTek, Qualcomm, and Spreadtrum powered devices. In this post, we will share the latest version of this tool. So you can download, install, and flash the mobile device right away. Also, we will break down the common functions and features briefly in this post. After reading this post, we hope you will be able to flash your device and remove the FRP activation easily.

The long-term phone users often need to repair their smartphone to make the device faster or fix the software issue. This tool comes in handy when you need to flash the stock firmware or bypass the FRP lock. The Eagle eye version is one of the tops downloaded mobile repairing tools from the Miracle Team. Here, we will share this tool’s setup file, along with the basic features and functions. 

Functions of Miracle Eagle Eye Tool 

If you read the introductions, you may guess what this tool is and the common functions. You can see that it can fix and repair your device regarding lock issues and reset problems. Also, it allows you to flash the stock ROM with one click. Apart from this, you can use this tool for many purposes. Here we have listed all available functions of this utility below.

  • Flash Stock firmware
  • Read and write flash
  • Bypass FRP Lock
  • Unlock Finger Print
  • Remove Pattern Lock
  • Unlock Boot-loader
  • Bypass Password Lock
  • Read and write NV
  • Factory Reset
  • Unlock Pin
  • Read Mobile info
  • Auto Device detection
  • Read & Write partition
  • Write dump
  • Remove all security

Features of Miracle Eagle Eye

In the above sections, we have compiled some of the essential functions of this tool. Now, we are going to analyze the features of the Miracle Eagle Eye tool.

Flash Chinese Smartphones

Flashing is the primary feature of the Eagle Eye. Using this tool, you can flash the stock ROM on any smartphones mostly made by China brands. However, along with the Chinese models, you can use it on popular smartphones.

Bypass FRP Lock

With the Miracle Eagle Eye tool, you can unlock the FRP protection within a few seconds. After click on the FRP option, this tool will unlock the FRP lock. As you know, FRP Lock is the widely used device protection system that prevents device theft. But if you forget your Google ID and pass, you can remove the FRP lock easily. 

Windows Compatibility

This tool is for Windows OS. You can install and use this tool on any Windows version, such as Windows XP, to Windows 10. Also, both 32-bit and 64-bit systems will support this tool.

Unlock Bootloader

When you want to modify the device system file, you will need to unlock the bootloader. This is the primary requirement to fix any issue. If you do not find any tool to unlock the bootloader, you can download Miracle Eagle Eye’s latest version from this post. It has a one-click solution for your task; launch the tool, and click on the “Unlock Bootloader” button to start the unlocking process.

Root the Device Temporarily

Often, to install third-party apps on the phone, you need to root the phone. Rooting is a system development activity that has many benefits and risks as well. If you root the phone, you will get the admin access to empower you to change the device system. So you can uninstall any unnecessary default apps and install third-party software. But rooting has few disadvantages too; if anything goes wrong, you can brick the phone, or the device can be dead permanently. That’s why many users want to root temporarily, and Miracle Eagle Eye can be your savior. With this tool, you can root the device temporarily and perform the system tasks efficiently.

Supported Chipsets

Primarily, using this tool, you can fix China-based smartphones. This tool supports both MediaTek and Qualcomm powered devices. Both are the popular SoC manufacturers, and maximum midranges to high-end smartphones use any of these chipsets.

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Miracle Eagle Eye Supported OS Versions

  • Windows 10 (32 Bit / 64 Bit)
  • Windows 8 (32 Bit / 64 Bit)
  • Windows 7 (32 Bit / 64 Bit)
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP

Download Miracle Eagle Eye Latest Version Setup 3.08

If you have met the above requirements, then click on the download button below and get the latest version of this tool. Here, we have listed all available versions along with the latest one. So if any version does not work for you, you can download and install other versions for your computer.

  • File Name: Setup_Miracle_Eagle_Eye_3.08.exe
  • Developed By: Miracle team
  • Last Updated: 25-01-2021

New Supported Models

  • BLU G6 (G0210)
  • BLU G8 (G0170)
  • BLU Grand 5.5 (G210Q)
  • BLU S0480LL (S5)
  • CloudFone Thrill Boost 3
  • CONDOR TB-717G
  • DEXP A150
  • DEXP G255
  • DEXP G355
  • DEXP GL355
  • DEXP GS155
  • DEXP M110
  • DEXP Y5
  • DEXP Z355
  • DEXP Z455
  • Doogee N10
  • Doogee Y7
  • Doogee Y8
  • Doogee Y8 Plus
  • Doogee Y8C
  • FLY Life Play
  • FLY Life Sky
  • FLY Slimline
  • FLY View Max
  • General Mobile GM 8
  • Gionee F205
  • Gomobile Go Onyx Lte
  • G-TIDE EX10
  • HISENSE F23 Plus
  • HOOZO HZ0010
  • Hurricane Blast
  • iBRIT AF51
  • IKU U1
  • ILA X2
  • I-life S400
  • IRIS Tab G7060
  • I-tel S15pro (VISION)
  • I-tel-L6002P S15 Pro
  • Jinga Start3G
  • KRIP K5
  • LAIQ Monaco 7.0
  • LAVA R3
  • Lenovo A5
  • Lenovo A6 Note
  • LITETEL LT4501
  • Maximus P7 Plus
  • Micromax MMX-Q4002
  • MICROMAX N8216
  • Mione R9s
  • MobiWire Kicka 4 Plus
  • Neffos Neffos C5a
  • NOA Hummer Lite
  • Nokia TA-1104
  • Oukitel WP1
  • Oukitel WP2
  • Panasonic P91
  • Pixelphone M1
  • Prestigio PMT3637_4G
  • Quantum M (QM83)
  • Quantum You 2
  • SENSEIT T189
  • STYLO Glide
  • TCL 5056U
  • Tecno CC6
  • Tecno CC9
  • Tecno DP7CPro
  • Tecno KB7
  • Tecno KB7J
  • Tecno KB8
  • Tecno KC1
  • Tecno KC1J
  • Tecno KC3
  • Tecno kc8
  • Tecno RA8
  • TP-LINK TP703A
  • UMAX VisionBook P50 Plus
  • Umx U683CL
  • VERNEE M8 Pro
  • VERTEX Aero
  • VERTEX Baccara
  • VERTEX Click
  • VERTEX Flash
  • VERTEX Funk
  • VERTEX Game
  • VERTEX Tiger
  • VERTEX Zeon 3G
  • VODAFONE VF-1296
  • Vodafone VF-795
  • WALTON Primo H8
  • Walton Primo NF4
  • Xcell View
  • YUHO Y2
  • ZTE Beeline Smart 2

How to Install Miracle Eagle Eye on Windows 7/8/10

If you follow the above steps, we can assume that you have downloaded this tool’s latest version. Now, it’s time to install the setup file on your Windows PC. If you are a beginner, then follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Download the Miracle Eagle Eye 3.08 version from the above link. When the downloading process is completed, turn off the antivirus software.

Step 2: Extract the downloaded zip files and run the Setup.exe file.

Step 3: The installation wizard will start installing the tool on your Windows PC. When the process is completed, it will open automatically.

Step 4: A pop-up window will open, asking you to install an offer; you can reject it.

Step 5: Now, you are good to go, and you can use this tool without any problem.

What’s New Added on Miracle Eagle Eye V3.08?

  • SPD Add SC9863A1/A2/A3 New Format Support.
  • SPD Add SC9863A1/A2/A3 New models Support.
  • SPD Add SC9863A1/A2/A3 Read/Factory Reset Support.
  • MTK Improve Format Support.
  • MTK Add new MT6765 new boot Support.
  • Improved Some Functions.
  • MTK/Qualcomm/SPD Add new 100+ Models List.

Resource: GSM Hosting Forum

What’s New on Miracle Eagle Eye V2.72

  • Qualcomm Add MI Account Unlock
  • Qualcomm Add MI Bootloader Unlock
  • Qualcomm Improve Write Flash
  • Qualcomm Improve UFS Flash Support
  • Qualcomm Add Write Selected (Write the file to mobile)
  • MTK Add Vivo Y69 support
  • SPD Improve SC9830 EMMC Boot Add New Mobile Support
  • SPD Improve Format and FRP Remove
  • Android Add MI Account Reset and Repair Wifi (Fastboot)
  • The software fixes some bugs
  • MTK Add MT6750 IMEI Support (World’s First)
  • Add MT6750 Read/Write Support
  • MTK Add MT6750 Format Support
  • MTK Add MT6750 Reset Code/Clear Anti-Theft Support
  • MTK Add MT6750 Read PhoneBook/Clear FRP Support
  • SPD Add 773X EMMC (NEW) Boot Support (World’s First)
  • SPD Add 773X EMMC (NEW) Read, Write, and Format Support (World’s First)
  • SPD Add 773X EMMC (NEW) Read Pattern,Phonebook
  • SPD Add 773X EMMC (NEW) Read Info,Reset Usercode Support
  • SPD Add 773X EMMC (NEW) IMEI Repair
  • Software Fix Some Bugs and Improved
  • Android MTK Flasher Add Manual DA and Manual Auth File Setting
  • Android Improve Mi Remove All Lock
  • Android Improve Mi Disable Account.
  • MTK Add Custom Setting support
  • Add Support Custom DA, Custom Auth File, Custom Preloader File
  • MTK Improved Functions
  • MTK Add New Moblie Read/Write/Unlock Support

Newly Added Models

  • Xiaomi 3/Xiaomi 3S/Xiaomi 4C
  • Xiaomi 4s/Xiaomi 4i/Xiaomi 4 Lte
  • Xiaomi 4 Prime/Xiaomi Note/Xiaomi Pro
  • Redmi 3/Redmi 3S/Redmi 4A
  • Redmi 4X/Redmi 4PT/Redmi 4GP
  • Redmi Note 3/Redmi Note 4x/Xiaomi 5
  • Xiaomi 5S/Xiaomi 5S Plus/Xiaomi Max PT
  • Xiaomi Max GP/Xiaomi MIX/Xiaomi Note 2
  • Xiaomi 4c/Xiaomi 4s

Developer Credit: Miracle Eagle Eye is a superior mobile repairing tool for Chinese smartphones. Miracle Team has developed and distributed this excellent useful tool. Here, you will find only the official free versions. So all credit goes to them for sharing such a useful tool.

Now, we hope you know what Miracle Eagle Eye is and how to download and install it on your Windows PC. Still, you have any problem regarding this tool; let us know in the comment section.

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Marcelo Machado Cardoso

Pass zip, decompress

2 months ago

password plz

MTK Arena Admin
2 months ago
Reply to  niroshan

Eagle Eye 3.13 Updated without Password. Please check the above file.