Oppo Customer Service Tool Latest v2.5 Free Download

Oppo Customer Service Tool is a multifunctional system utility that allows you to repair all Oppo smartphones and tablets. Using this tool, you can fix or rewrite the missing IMEI number. If you need to root your Oppo device, you can efficiently perform this task with this tool. This customer service tool helps you unlock your Oppo phone if you forget the lock PIN, password, or pattern.

Usually, there are multiple tools available to do the different repairing tasks. But Oppo has an official tool that can resolve numerous issues. From rooting to updating your Oppo phone, you will perform multiple functions with this same tool. Here, we will share the latest and official customer service tool for the Oppo smartphone. You will find the download link along with the installation manual.

What is Oppo Customer Service Tool?

If you have bought an Oppo smartphone earlier, you may face few issues on this device like missing IMEI, not updating, and more. To fix these issues, you can download Oppo Customer Service Tool. It is a multi-purpose tool provided by the official company. It is one of the popular device repairing and fixing tool specially developed for Oppo smartphones and tablets.


Unlock Oppo Devices

Are you locked out of your Oppo phone? Do you forget your lock password, pattern, or PIN code? Do you need to unlock your Oppo device? Well, you are facing these issues, then you can download and use this tool. Using this customer service tool, you will be able to unlock your phone by removing all kinds of password locks.

Repair and Rewrite IMEI Number

IMEI is the acronym of International Mobile Equipment Identity number. It is a unique number that allows the manufactures to identify the device. You cannot use the phone, or your device will not connect to the mobile network if the IMEI is missing. Often, the users need to change the IMEI number. To do these IMEI modifications, you can use this customer service tool. However, transforming or modifying the IMEI number is not legal in many countries. So before using this tool for changing the IMEI number, you should check your country’s lawful indenture relating to the smartphone IMEI number.

Unbrick Oppo Device

Are you Oppo devices bricked because of failed rooting? Do you need to unbrick your Oppo phone? Well, you can download and use the Oppo Customer Service Tool. It is the best mobile servicing and repairing tool for all Oppo models.

Other Features

  • Rooting Oppo phone
  • Repairing IMEI
  • Resetting the password
  • Removing the phone pattern
  • Rewriting IMEI number
  • Locking the phone
  • Unbricking phone
  • Unlocking SIM
  • Updating Oppo Smartphone

Download Oppo Customer Service Tool Latest version 2021

This customer service tool is compatible with all Windows OS. You can install and use it on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Also, this tool supports both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. To get the PC Suite, click on the download button below, and the device will be downloaded on your desktop or laptop.

How to Install and Use Oppo Customer Service Tool

Step 1: Download the service tool latest version from the above link on your PC.

Step 2: Extract the tool using any file extraction software.

Step 3: Under the extracted folder, locate the setup file.

Step 4: Click on the EXE file and follow the onscreen instructions.

Step 5: Wait a few moments to complete the installation process.

Step 6: After installing the service tool, open the tool.

Step 7: Now, open the scatter.txt file option from the dashboard.

Step 8: Remove the battery from your phone and connect your device to the PC using Oppo USB Driver.

Step 9: Now, choose which function you need to use from the dashboard and follow the onscreen instructions.

Developer Credit: Oppo is the official and original developer of this service tool. It is a freeware tool. That’s why we have shared it on our site. All credit goes to the official developer team and big thanks to them for creating such a useful tool.

Oppo Customer Service tool is a useful software to fix and repair your Oppo smartphones from Windows computers. If your device has an issue like rooting, writing IMEI, unlocking passwords, and more, you can install this service tool and fix any problem on your Oppo phone. In the above section, we have listed the latest and official customer service tool that works efficiently. Still, if you have any issues, please comment below, and we will try our best to resolve your issue.

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