How to Flash Samsung Stock ROM Using Odin (Guide)

If you want to flash Samsung Stock ROM using Odin, you are in the right place. In this guide, we will explain each step briefly for your convenience. If you are a beginner and need to flash the firmware on the Samsung device, read the whole post, and carefully follow the instructions. This tutorial is simple and easy to use. Let’s check out how to flash the device correctly.

Odin is the best flashing tool, especially for Samsung smartphones; it is actually the widely used tool for flashing the stock firmware. This process is for Windows OS only. However, to flash the ROM, you have to back up the full device. Also, the latest firmware is required for your Samsung mobile.How to Flash Samsung Stock ROM Using Odin tool

How to Flash Samsung Stock Rom using Odin

Flashing stock ROM/ firmware/ flash file is the process to change or update the default ROM. After flashing, you will get access to the device’s admin panel, and the custom ROM allows you to install or delete any third-party apps. For Samsung smartphones, Odin is one of the top flash tools that work perfectly. However, if this tool does not work, you can install the Qualcomm flash tool as an alternative. Here, we will explain the complete process to flash any Samsung phone with Odin.


Steps to Flash Samsung Phone with Odin

Step 1: Download Device Specific Stock ROM for Your Device

First, you need to download the official firmware for your device to start the flashing process. Visit Samsung official website to find the correspondent driver software. Each model has individual stock firmware. Also, each model has multiple firmware files based on locations and countries.

Step 2: Download and extract the Official Stock ROM/ Firmware

Download the official and latest Firmware/flash file from SamMobile on your computer and follow the next step. After downloading the firmware, you will get a zip file. So using any folder extractor, unzip the folder on your PC, and you will see the five MD5 files. Check and remember these file locations because you will need them later.

Step 3: Install Samsung USB Driver

A USB driver is an all-in-one software program for Windows PC that allows desktop computers to detect the connected device. However, you must install the correct USB driver that means if you want to connect a Samsung phone to a PC, you will need to download and install Samsung USB driver corresponding to the device models. Luckily, we have listed all available USB drivers for Samsung phones based on models.

Step 4: Install Samsung Odin Flash Tool

The Odin is our favourite tool when we recommend flashing the stock ROM. The user interface is easy for everyone. We have posted about Odin on our site. Download Samsung Odin latest version and extract the zip file. After extracting, you will get the setup file.

Step 5: Put your Samsung Phone in Download Mode and connect to the PC

Switch off your device and press power + volume down + home to enter download mode. However, a few older phones use a different button combination. If you do not know how to enter download mode, search Google “Galaxy S10 download mode” and follow the instruction. After entering your device to download mode, connect the device to PC using a USB data cable.

Step 6: Flash the Stock ROM

After connecting the device to the PC, if the USB driver is installed properly, navigate to the Odin software. Now, click on the “BL” button and select the file that starts with the “BL” from the extracted firmware. Next, click on the “AP” button in Odin and select the AP file. Similarly, upload the CP and HOME_CSE file from the firmware. In that phase, make sure you have uploaded the HOME_CSE file in the CSE section. Now, verify that all four files are uploaded properly, and the checkmarks appear next to each button. Now, click on the “Start” button at Odin’s bottom, and the flashing process will begin.

The whole flashing process usually takes 10-15 minutes depending on the speed, and your device will take a few extra minutes to reboot it. After rebooting the device, you will see the custom ROM is running. However, after installing the new firmware, you will not go back to the old firmware.

Warning: As you have already known that flashing requires expertise to perform the process correctly. If anything goes wrong, you may brick your device. Also, flashing wipes out everything from the phone. So before flashing or rooting the device, take a full backup. Also, we recommend knowing everything steps you are doing. However, using this tool, if you brick the device, will not be responsible for your action.

These are the complete steps to flash any Samsung phone using Odin. If you have any issues, feel free to comment below. Thanks for being with us.

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