How to root LG Stylo 2 Using SRSRoot

Do you want to root your LG Stylo 2 but cannot figure out the process? Here we have discussed the simple way to root LG Stylo 2 using the SRSRoot application. As you know, rooting is mandatory if you plan to flash your device. Also, rooting can bring many benefits to your LG Stylo 2 smartphone. This post is for beginners who need to root their LG phone but do not know the process. Here, you will get all steps to root your phone. Also, we will share the necessary tools and files for your convenience.

Stylo 2 is one of the premium handset models of the famous smartphone brand, LG. When you buy a new Stylo 2 device, you will not face any issues. However, after downloading and installing so many apps, files, and games, you will experience a bloatware problem. Your LG Stylo 2 device will get slower day by day. So to resolve this issue and make your device faster, you need to root the phone. After rooting, you can easily remove bloatware and advertisements.  

What does it mean rooting LG Stylo 2?

Root LG Stylo 2 means getting a superuser or accessing the admin panel to the device’s operating system that allows you to control the phone’s core system. Typically, the LG Company does not let the users modify the Android system. So you cannot delete preinstalled apps or install third-party applications. However, while rooting, you are unlocking the manufacturer’s limitations and having superuser permission. Once your device is rooted, you can do whatever you want with the phone.

Why do you need to Root your LG Stylo 2?

Rooting comes with lots of benefits; flashing the firmware is one of the popular reasons. Also, if you root LG Stylo 2 phone, you will delete the default apps that you do not need. On the other hand, rooting allows you to install third-party applications as well as unofficial Mod versions. Moreover, you can block annoying advertisements on the rooted devices.

Benefits of Rooting Stylo 2

  • Install the custom firmware
  • Block the unwanted advertisements
  • Uninstall any preinstall apps
  • Install any app that was incompatible before rooting
  • Increase battery life and boost the speed of your device

Steps before Rooting

Step 1: Backup all essential data and files from your device for safety.

Step 2: Charge your LG Stylo 2 device at least 60%.

Step 3: Download the SRSRoot APK file

How to Root LG Stylo 2 using SRSRoot APK

There are several ways to root any device: with PC, without PC, using TWRP Recovery, and with SRSRoot. This post will root the Stylo 2 model without Windows PC using SRSRoot. It is one of the popular rooting applications you can use for rooting Android devices. Now, follow the steps below to root your LG Stylo 2 device using SRS Root Application.

Step 1: Switch on your LG Stylo 2 smartphone.

Step 2: Now, download SRSRoot APK on your LG smartphone.

Step 3: Go to the “Settings” option and enable the “Unknown Sources” to install third-party applications.

Step 4: Now, navigate to the “Download” folder and find out SRSRoot APK.

Step 5: Tap on the APK file and install it on your LG Stylo 2 phone.

Step 6: After installing, launch the root app and navigate to the dashboard.

Step 7: Now, click on the “Root Device (All Methods). 

Step 8: If the above option does not work, click on the “Root Device (SmartRoot) option.

Step 9: When the SRSRoot finds the best method exploits, it will instantly start the rooting process.

Step 10: It will take no more than several minutes to complete the rooting process.

Step 11: If the device is rooted, you will see the “Success” message.

Now you have rooted your LG Stylo smartphone successfully. For confirming the rooting status, install Root Checker App and check whether your device has root access.

Warning: Rooting comes with few risks. It voids the device warranty. However, you can reverse the warranty if you unroot the phone again using the same rooting application. So take precautions before processing into the next level.

So this is all about how to root LG Stylo 2 model using SRSRoot. We have tried to cover everything related to the user manual along with the download file. Still, if you need any assistance, then feel free to comment below.

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