Download Tutubox VIP IPA + Tutubox Lite for iOS

TutuBox App is a famous third-party platform to download tweak apps and games for iPhone and iPad. It is one of the best alternatives to the official App Store. It is more than the App Store because, from TutuBox, you can download and install most of the premium iOS apps, teaks, and games free. If the App Store is restricted in your region or cannot access the official downloader, you can use this application. It is simple, easy-to-use, and perfect for beginners.

Even if you download and install third-party apps on your iPhone, there is a chance of getting revoked. So you cannot use these apps anymore. However, once you download TuTuBox VIP, you can avoid revokes 99% of the time. Here, we will share the latest version of TuTuBox Lite, and TuTuBox VIP. Each of them has different features and functions. If you are a beginner and want to try the third-party and unofficial iOS tweak apps and games on your iPhone and iPad, read the full post and download this fantastic App Store alternative.

TuTuBox Features

Download Tweaked Apps and Games

Are you a big fan of tweak apps and games? Even if you like to download tweak apps for iOS devices, you cannot find them on the official app store. So it would help if you found an alternative third-party app store. TuTuBox is the perfect iOS app downloader that lets you downloading and installing all kinds of tweak apps and games to your iPhone and iPad. Apart from this app, You can download tweaks and game using PandaHelper, AppValley and Tweakdoor.

Avoid Revokes

While downloading and installing iOS apps from either the official App Store or a third-party platform, you may face revoking like the apps get suspended, not working, or uninstalled. However, if you use TuTuBox VIP, you can avoid revoking and hassle 99% of the time. However, if you get revoked, you will get a new certificate to reinstall the app automatically.

Download Unofficial Apps

This app has a massive selection of high-quality tweaks, emulators, utilities, and more games. Most of them are unofficial, so you can get download and install them easily. It has a vast collection of iOS apps. After downloading and installing, you will find all apps in the dashboard. Just click on the right app and get it on your iPhone.

No Jailbreak and Apple ID

Jailbreaking is a standard method to get admin access to your iOS devices for downloading third-party apps and tweaks. Often, jailbreaking is required to obtain certain apps because, generally, iOS has restricted downloading it on your iPhone. However, if you use Tutubox, you do not need to jailbreak to download and install iOS applications. If you do not have the Apple ID, you can still download third-party apps using it.

All Apps are free

Typically, when you try to download and install premium iOS apps, you have to pay. However, in TuTuBox, you can still download and use the third-party and paid apps for free.

No Virus and Malware

TuTuBox editors check every app while storing them on their websites. They fit whether the apps contain malware or virus. Even if the apps are from a third party and unofficial, you can still safely download them.

Dedicated User Support

Their has a customer support group. If you face any issue regarding this application, you can contact the support team at any time. They will reach you quickly and try to resolve your issue ASAP.

Compatible OS

You can use this platform on the latest iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. It supports iOS 13, iOS 13.1, and iOS 13.4. If your iPhone has over iOS 13, you can still use this app on your phone.

Download Tutubox for iOS Device

Tutubox is compatible with all iOS versions from iOS 13 or above. It is the top iOS app downloader. The download process is simple. We have listed the latest and official Tutubox setup files for iPhone or iPad. To get it, click on the download button below, and the setup file will be downloaded on your iPhone within a short time.

TuTuBox Lite

It is the simple and lightweight version of the official TuTuBox application. If you do not want to use the prior version, you can download the Lite version. All the features and functions are identical except the size. The Lite version is a small file. So if you have less space on your phone, you can choose to download TuTuBox Lite.


If you want the premium version with lots of extra features and functions, you can download TuTuBox VIP. The VIP version lets you avoid the revokes 99% of the time; Also, you will be download and install too many different apps and games with this version. Besides, there is a dedicated team working 24/7 for the customers.

How to Install Tutubox on iOS?

After downloading Tutubox for iOS, you can follow the tutorial below to install it on your iPhone or iPad. However, you should use Safari Browser for installing this application.

Step 1: Switch on your iPhone and go to the setting menu by following this path.

“Settings → Wi-Fi → ⓘ → Configure Proxy’ then select ‘Automatic.”

Step 2: disable the ffapple proxy.

Step 3: Disconnect Wi-Fi and reconnect the connection to apply configured settings.

Step 4: Now, clear your Safari browser cache and download the TuTuBox app from the link above.

Step 5: The Tutu box app icon will be downloaded on your app gallery in a few seconds.

Step 6: Now, go to the “Settings → General → Device Management” and trust the newly installed Tutubox certificate.

That it! Now you have installed Tutu box app on your iPhone.

How to Use?

In the above sections, we have discussed all aspects of this iOS apps store. If you have followed our instructions above, you may have downloaded and installed Tutubox on your iPhone or iPad. If you do not know how to use it on your iOS device, follow these steps below.

Step 1: Tap the Tutubox icon to launch it on your device.

Step 2: In the dashboard, you will see different app categories for iPhone and iPad. Click on the “Get” button corresponding to the apps you want to install.

Step 3: Before installing the apps, do not forget to choose the “Trust the Profile of the Application” option.


1. Is TuTuBox App free?

Yes, it is a free iOS app developer. However, the available version is free, but you have to pay for extra features and more apps in the VIP section if you want additional features and more apps.

2. Is Tutubox Safe?

Yes, it is safe to download and use. Also, the VIP users will get dedicated support, and it checks every app before sharing. So you will not find any malware or virus. However, there is a risk of using these types of third-party app downloaders. You must trust the developer. You may not get in trouble for downloading tweak apps, but you can face the official developers’ issue. So use them at your own risk.

3. Is Tutubox Legal?

 Yes, Tutubox is legal as long as you download free and official apps. It could be illegal to download any third-party hacked games, crack apps, and mod apps. If you download hacked apps using this platform, your device may get infected with the deadly virus.

4. How can I download Tutubox?

The download process is a little complicated. However, we have broken down each step in the above section. To get the app, you have to use the Safari browser. If you want to get the TuTuBox app, check out our download section above.

5. Which iOS Version Supports?

This app is compatible with iOS version 13.0 and above. So if you have an iPhone with iOS 14, then you can still use this app.

So, guys, this is all about the TuTuBox app. We have shared the latest and official version of this fantastic application. Also, you have found the installation methods step by step. So hopefully, you have already downloaded and installed this app on your iPhone using our guide. However still, if you have any queries, you can ask them in the comment section.

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