Xiaomi Firmware (MIUI Global Stable ROM) Download for All Models

If your Xiaomi device is bricked or dead and needed flashing, then you can download Xiaomi firmware for all models. We have a long list of available stock ROM based on Redmi, POCO, or Mi handset models. As you know, flashing stock firmware requires the official USB driver and flash file, so after downloading and installing them, you can get the latest stock firmware from this post.

This post is all about Xiaomi firmware files. It is essential software for your device. All Xiaomi devices have stock firmware. If anything happens on your device, the issue will directly affect the device firmware. To fix the critical issues like dead or bricked Xiaomi phone, you have to flash the device. To flash the phone, you must download the stock firmware. If you are looking for the latest firmware files, then you are in the right place. From this post, you will get the official firmware. Before sharing the firmware files for all models, let’s check out what stock firmware is and why you need it. 

What is Xiaomi Stock Firmware?

Followed by Samsung and Huawei, Xiaomi is the top-selling smartphone brand in the world. It releases high-end flagship smartphones to the market regularly. All Xiaomi devices have special stock firmware. One stock ROM is different from the others. It is a small software located in the Android OS area. It allows the device hardware to communicate with the software properly. People know these firmware files as the stock ROM, flash file, firmware, ROM, and stock firmware. You can use any of these terms you want.

Why do you Need Xiaomi Flash File?

Typically, the new Xiaomi devices are fresh and empty; you cannot face any issue. However, after using the device for a year, you will start noticing that your device has multiple issues. On the other hand, you may brick the phone because of failed rooting or damage it accidentally. To solve these issues, you have to flash the stock firmware, and then all problems will go away.

Your device often may not update the stock firmware because the latest software does not support the stock ROM. To fix this issue, you need to download the latest stock firmware for your Xiaomi device and flash it. This flashing process can upgrade the old stock ROM. Apart from fixing these issues, the flash file will fix the baseband and IMEI error. Ultimately, you will be able to fix multiple critical issues using this firmware.

Download (Official ROM) Xiaomi/Redmi MIUI Global ROM

Here, we have listed the latest firmware files for all available Xiaomi smartphones. To get it, click on the download button on the right side of the handset model, and the ROM will be downloaded on your PC.

Xiaomi SmartPhone ModelsDownload Official ROM
Mi 10T/Pro/LiteFull Firmware File
POCO X3 NFCFull Firmware File
POCO X2Full Firmware File
POCO M2 ProFull Firmware File
Redmi 9/9A/9C/9C NFC/9TFull Firmware File
POCO F2 ProFull Firmware File
Mi 10/Pro/Lite 5GFull Firmware File
Redmi Note 9/S/ProFull Firmware File
Mi Note 10/Pro/LiteFull Firmware File
Redmi 8/8A/8A ProFull Firmware File
Redmi Note 8/Pro/8TFull Firmware File
Mi 9 Lite/Mi CC 9Full Firmware File
Redmi K20 SeriesFull Firmware File
Mi 9/9T SeriesFull Firmware File
Redmi Note 7/ProFull Firmware File
Redmi 7AFull Firmware File
Redmi Y3Full Firmware File
Mi A3Full Firmware File
Redmi 7Full Firmware File
Redmi GoFull Firmware File
Mi MIX 3Full Firmware File
Mi MIX 2SFull Firmware File
Redmi Note 6 ProFull Firmware File
POCOPHONE F1Full Firmware File
Mi A2Full Firmware File
Redmi S2/Y2Full Firmware File
Redmi 6/6A/ProFull Firmware File
Redmi 5/PlusFull Firmware File
Redmi Note 5 ProFull Firmware File
Redmi Note 5Full Firmware File
Redmi 5AFull Firmware File
Mi MIX 2Full Firmware File
Xiaomi Mi Max 3Full Firmware File
Mi A1Full Firmware File
Xiaomi Mi Max 2Full Firmware File
Redmi 4Full Firmware File
Redmi 4AFull Firmware File
Redmi Note 4Full Firmware File
Redmi 3S/Prime/3XFull Firmware File
Xiaomi Mi Max/PrimeFull Firmware File
Xiaomi Mi 5s PlusFull Firmware File
Xiaomi Mi 5sFull Firmware File
Xiaomi Mi 5Full Firmware File
Redmi Note 3Full Firmware File
Xiaomi Mi 6Full Firmware File
Redmi Note 2Full Firmware File
Xiaomi Mi 8/Pro/LiteFull Firmware File
Redmi 2/PrimeFull Firmware File
Redmi 3/PrimeFull Firmware File
Xiaomi Mi 1/1SFull Firmware File
Xiaomi Mi 2AFull Firmware File
Redmi 1Full Firmware File
Redmi Note PrimeFull Firmware File
Redmi 4XFull Firmware File
Redmi Note 4XFull Firmware File
Redmi 4 PrimeFull Firmware File
Xiaomi Mi MIXFull Firmware File
Xiaomi Mi 2/2SFull Firmware File
Mi PlayFull Firmware File
Xiaomi Mi 4Full Firmware File
Xiaomi Mi Note 2Full Firmware File
Mi A2 LiteFull Firmware File
Mi Note 3Full Firmware File
Redmi Note 5A/PrimeFull Firmware File
Xiaomi Mi 3Full Firmware File
POCO M3Recovery ROM

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Warning: Stock ROM flashing is an advanced task and requires technical expertise. Failure to flash may brick the Xiaomi phone; in the worst case, your device may get damaged permanently. So we recommend having proper knowledge about flashing and the pros and cons. Our tutorial is for general information only. MTKArena.com will not be responsible if your Xiaomi phone is dead while flashing. Apply this method at your own risk. Also, back up all data and files in a secure location because flashing will wipe out everything from your Xiaomi phone.

How to Flash or Install Xiaomi Stock Firmware

If you have already downloaded the stock firmware for your Xiaomi model, follow the steps below to flash the firmware. Before sharing the tutorial, let’s check which drivers and tools are required to flash the device.

  • Xiaomi USB Driver or Mi PC Suite: for connecting Windows PC to Xiaomi smartphone.
  • Latest Xiaomi Stock Firmware: for flashing the device.
  • Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool: To flash all Xiaomi devices.

Now, let’s check out the flashing process.

Step 1: Backup all essential files and data from your Xiaomi smartphone to another device or PC.

Step 2: Unlock the bootloader of your Xiaomi smartphone.

Step 3: Download the latest Xiaomi firmware based on your device model number from the above link.

Step 4: After downloading the flash file, you will get a zip file, extract the content from the firmware folder.

Step 5: Download and install the Xiaomi USB Driver on your Windows PC to connect the device to the computer. However, if your Windows already has a USB driver installed, you can skip to the next step.

Step 6: In this phase, download and install the Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool.

Step 7: Now, follow the onscreen instructions and complete the flashing process.

Note to Remember

  • These stock firmware files will support only the Xiaomi smartphone.
  • Flashing stock firmware wipes out everything from your device.
  • Backup all files and data before initiating the flashing process.
  • You need a Windows PC for flashing.
  • You can use a chipset based flash tool if the brand-specific flash tool is not available.
  • Charge your device at least 60% to 80%.

Developer Credit: The official manufacturer, Xiaomi, develops these stock firmware files. As freeware, we have shared most of the available stock ROM for your convenience. So thanks to the developer team, and all credit goes to the original developer. However, if you have any issues while flashing your Xiaomi phone using the above flash file, contact the Xiaomi support team for further assistance. 

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