Towelroot App Latest V3.0 (APK) Download & How to Root

The Towelroot APK is an application that helps you to root your Android device in a single click. Are you looking for a small but secured rooting application? Well, you can download Towelroot APK to root Android smartphones. It is a small tool that will take just 100 kb space on your phone. But this is a completely different and highly efficient root application for Android. This is also a one-click root application; with one tap, your device will be rooted within a minute.

However, ‍‌Towe‍lro‌o‌t is famous for rooting without a PC; it is a standalone app for Android devices. There is no PC version released yet. In this post, you will get the latest Towelroot APK 2022 along with the installation tutorials. Moreover, you will find detail about the essential functions and features of this app. Furthermore, we will describe how to use this application on both PC and Smartphone.

What is To‍‌we‍lro‌o‌t Application?

Android rooting means getting admin access and superuser permission to the Smartphone. So you can control the phone and change the system file like flashing firmware. Rooting is an advanced system task that requires technical knowledge; if the rooting is uncompleted, the device will be bricked. However, when you tap on the root button, the warranty for the device will be void. 

Why should you Use To‍‌we‍lro‌o‌t APK?

Boosting and optimizing Android smartphone by deleting unwanted apps, controlling with superuser permission, and blocking advertisements. Also, for advanced users, you need to root the Smartphone to use applications outside of Google Play Store. On the other hand, many flashing tools require a rooted device to work correctly.

Ultimately, a rooted device provides total control over you, and from changing the OS to deleting default applications, you can do whatever you want with the device. After rooting, you can unlock the full potential and take control of your Android device. Moreover, a rooted device lets you install any app you like, which is not possible on an unrooted device. However, rooting carries advantages and disadvantages like a double edge sword. Let’s check out what are the merits and demerits of rooting using the Towelroot application.


  • Free up spaces by clearing system apps or default applications
  • Install any third-party apps you want, which is not possible for the unrooted device
  • Speed up and optimize the device by creating custom ROM and help you to improve the functionality of your Smartphone


  • Rooting invalids device’s warranty
  • If the device is not rooted successfully or hang in the mid-root process, it will be bricked or dead.
  • Getting root access may compromise the security measures meaning the device is vulnerable to the potential bugs and malware.

Full Features of Towelroot

Small Root Tool

If your Android device is low on space, you can use the Towelroot tool. It is small and convenient. In this post, we will provide the official and the latest version of Towelroot for Android smartphones.

Free to Use

This root app is free for everyone. The developer has already made this app free. Here, we will share the original and free version.

One-click Root Application

 The one-click rooting tool means you can root any device with a single tap. The simple and easy-to-use interface makes the rooting process quick. The rooting technique is easy. After downloading and installing the APK file, you need to click on the “Make it Ra1n” button, and the app will start the rooting. Within a few seconds to a minute, your Android device will be rooted.

Fast Rooting

It is one of the one-click root apps so that this tool will root the Android device fast. If you download and install the latest version from this post, click on the make it Ra1n option to start the rooting process.

Supported OS

This app supports only Android OS; there is no Windows version available yet. Though you will get the EXE setup file, we will reveal a secret to use it on PC. So you can root the device from both PC and Smartphone.

Supported Devices

To‍‌we‍lro‌o‌t supports multiple Android smartphones and tablets. So you do not have to worry about compatibility issues. Here are the supported device lists.

  • Galaxy S5 – AT&T & Verizon
  • Galaxy S3, S4 Active
  • Nexus 5
  • Galaxy Note 3 – AT&T & Verizon
  • Devices released before June 3rd

Higher Success Rate

Compared to others, To‍‌we‍lro‌o‌t app has a higher success rate, making it risk-free to quickly root the phone. And that’s how this tool is getting popular day by day. If you want a secure rooting app, you can download the To‍‌we‍lro‌o‌t application.

Benefits of Rooting the Android Device

  • Unroot if you accidentally root or temporary root the device
  • Unblock your Android’s full potential and overcome the manufacturing prohibition
  • Experience faster performance after rooting
  • Identify the most consuming apps and delete them after rooting
  • Block annoying advertisements
  • Remove all bloatware and delete the unwanted, including preinstalled apps

Warning: Rooting is an advanced and highly technical task because as soon as you click on the root button, the software warranty will be void for your device. While rooting, if you brick the device, will not be responsible. So we recommend seeking professional help if you are confused with anything regarding the rooting.

Download Towelroot APK latest version 2022

To‍‌we‍lro‌o‌t is not available on Google Play Store. So you have to download and install it from third party sources. You can use this app on any Android device you want. Here, we have published the latest version of the To‍‌we‍lro‌o‌t app for Android devices. Click on the download link below and get the Towelroot APK latest version for your Smartphone.

Download Towelroot_v3.apk

Download Towelroot_v2.apk

Download Towelroot_v1.apk

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How to Install To‍‌we‍lro‌o‌t APK on Android Device

  • Download the Towlroot APK on your mobile
  • Now, click on the APK file, and it will ask to allow the installation from an unknown source on mobile
  • Enable the new source option and click on the APK file
  • Allow the necessary permissions and wait for completing the process

How to Root Android Device using To‍‌we‍lro‌o‌t APK

The rooting process is relatively easy for Android users. As it is a one-click root tool for mobile, it will not take much time to root your phone. Now, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download To‍‌we‍lro‌o‌t APK on your Smartphone from the above link.

Step 2: Tap on the APK file to start the installation process. As To‍‌we‍lro‌o‌t is a third-party app, while installing, you will see a warning that informs you not to install any third-party APK. However, we assure you that To‍‌we‍lro‌o‌t is a safe and secured rooting app. So you can allow the app installation from an unknown source and follow the instructions to complete the installation.

Step 3: After installing, tap on the “Open” button and click on the “Make it Ra1n” option.

Step 4: Then, it will initiate the rooting process.

Step 4: Now, wait a few seconds to one minute to complete the whole rooting process.

Step 5: When the rooting is completed, a green mark will indicate you have succeeded in rooting your Android device.

Developer Credit: GeoHot has developed and distributed Towelroot. As freeware, we have shared the latest version of this post. A big thanks to the developer, and all credit goes to them to create and share such a useful rooting tool.

Important Notice

  • If you root your Android device, the software warranty will be void.
  • You can unroot the tool again if you do not like the rooting or root temporarily.
  • If anything goes wrong, your device can be bricked or damaged.
  • Before rooting, you must backup your whole device.

Towelroot is the lightweight rooting application for Android smartphones. In the above section, we have covered all aspects of To‍‌we‍lro‌o‌t along with the latest versions. The success rate is high, and it is 100% safe and risk-free. This post has tried to explain and share every detail and the download and installation process for both mobile and Windows PC. If you have any problem regarding this root tool, let us know in the comment section, and we will try our best to fix it.

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