(SPD) Spreadtrum USB Driver Download for Windows

Do you need to connect Spreadtrum powered smartphones, feature phones, and tablets to Windows computers? Also, does the OEM driver not work correctly? Well, to solve this issue, you can download the Spreadtrum USB driver for a secure connection. This driver is highly valid whether you use the device-specific driver or not. You can download, install, and connect the PC to mobile with an SPD driver. This driver is for Windows PC only. Also, we have managed to share the latest and the official Spreadtrum driver for your convenience. Besides, we will publish how to download and install the SPD USB driver.

What is Spreadtrum USB Driver?

Unisoc, formerly known as Spreadtrum, is the leading global fabless semiconductor manufacturer followed by Qualcomm and MediaTek, which is providing chipset and SoC for budget and mid-range smartphones. It is still dominating in the mid-level flagship Android devices after MediaTek. Apart from MediaTek chipset, Spreadtrum has always acquired a significant market share in the budget phone sector.

Spreadtrum USB Driver

The Android Spreadtrum USB driver is a popular tool for mobile users because many popular smartphone brands use SPD chipset such as Samsung, Alcatel, Lenovo, Nokia, Spice, etc. are the few ones powered by Spreadtrum chipset.

Why Do You Need Spreadtrum USB Driver?

The OEM USB drivers will function properly as long as your device is working and running; however, if you brick or damage your mobile phone, the OEM USB drivers will not work for connecting to PC. As a result, your PC will fail to reconnect your smartphone. In that case, you cannot switch on the device no matter which OEM made your phone.

Fortunately, if the Spreadtrum chipset powers your device, you can download the Spreadtrum USB driver on your PC. After installing, your PC will find and connect to the device easily. And the computer will communicate with the mobile correctly.

Features of SPD USB Driver

Connecting Smartphone to PC

Connecting devices to PC is the first reason to use Spreadtrum driver. You can install it for generic connections, such as for transferring files or data. On the other hand, this tool must be installed if you intend to flash the custom firmware on the SPD powered smartphone.

Flashing Stock Firmware

Flashing the ROM is the second reason why the users need to install this driver. It is the first tool you have download and install that will let you flash the device using any popular smartphone flash tool. Also, this driver supports the stock firmware for your Spreadtrum device.

Flashing IMEI

Often, mobile users need to change the IMEI number for better performance. So if you need to flash the IMEI of your mobile, then you have to download and install the Spreadtrum driver to connect the device to PC, and it will complete the task efficiently.

Supporting Windows

The Spreadtrum USB driver supports all Windows versions: Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. You can even use this driver on Windows XP PC. Besides, this driver is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Requirements to Use Spreadtrum USB Driver

  • Spreadtrum based smartphones such as Samsung, Alcatel, Lenovo, or Nokia
  • Windows desktop or laptop
  • A standard USB cable

Download Android Spreadtrum SPD USB Driver Latest Version

In this section, we will discuss how to download Spreadtrum USB drivers. Also, we will share the download links for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Now, click on the download button below to get the latest Spreadtrum driver. You will find the newest version at the top of the list.

Download SPD Drivers For Windows 10 and 8 By 64 bit +32 .rar

Pre-steps to Install Spreadtrum USB Driver

  • Download the latest version of Android Spreadtrum driver
  • Get a Windows computer in any version
  • Collect a data cable for plugging PC to mobile
  • Charge your smartphone device at least 60%
Recommended Tools

These tools are frequently used along with the Spreadtrum driver. If you download the SPD usb driver, you can also download and install the below driver and tools to complete the flashing task.

Developer Credit: Spreadtrum Unisoc Inc. is the sole developer and owner of the USB drivers we have listed on this page. We are sharing the original drivers as freeware. All credit goes to the developer for releasing and sharing such amazing and useful drivers for us.

Warning: If you attempt to use the USB driver to flash any Spreadtrum powered smartphone using SPD USB driver, we recommend knowing everything about flashing the stock ROM. Also, if you need the flash tool, we suggest getting the prior device repairing skills. However, MTKArena is not responsible if you brick the phone while flashing.


If you see the driver is already installed, then you do not need to install the driver again. We recommend updating the existing driver. We are hoping that our tutorials will help you to install the Spreadtrum driver without creating any trouble; however, if you have any problem with the direct installation, then we recommend following the manual installation guide. Besides, if you are still having difficulty, then feel free to comment below, and we will be happy to help you.

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