SP Flash Tool Download 2022 (MTK Flash Tools) for Windows & Linux

The SP Flash Tool is an Smartphone Flashing Software that connect between your Android phone and PC. With the help of this tool you able to flash firmware, install Stock Firmware (ROM) on Android Devices, custom recovery, configure control, and other features. It is a free and really essential flash tool for developers and advanced users. In this article, you get the latest version of the SP Flash Tools 2022 for Windows PC and Linux.

What is the SP Flash Tool?

SP Flash Tool is the recommended tool for flashing smartphones powered by MediaTek. To put simply, it is a highly efficient and powerful flash tool.  You will need this tool if you attempt to modify the system files of the Android devices. To perform the critical and advanced system tasks such as flashing stock ROM, installing custom firmware, and recovering files, you have to download the SP Flash Tool along with the USB driver for connecting PC to smartphone. The SP Flash tool will work on major MediaTek based mobile devices—Xiaomi, Realme, Motorola, Nokia, Oppo, Vivo, and many more.

Why do you Need (Smartphone) SP Flash Tool?

The main reason for downloading SP Flash Tool for flashing mobile phones with MediaTek processor. This tool will flash the Stock firmware. Also, to install the custom firmware, you are going to need this flash tool. Besides, to perform the other development activities involving the system alterations of the device, you have to download this tool. However, this tool is 100% free and you recommend to download the latest version. Well, the good news is that in this post, we have published the latest versions of all available SP Flash Tools for your convenience.

Learn: How to Flash Stock ROM with SP Flash Tool

Features of SP Flash Tools

Flash Stock ROM

Typically, Android users do not have to flash the stock firmware—except the developers. However, if your device is getting slower day by day or having critical system error, then you can flash the Stock ROM—flashing wipes out all data. As a result, you will see significant changes in device performance. However, to Flash the firmware, you need to install the custom USB driver for the device. Besides, you have to download the Stock firmware for the specific device.

Suppose, you are planning to flash the Samsung Galaxy A10s model, so you have to download the Samsung USB driver as well as Samsung A10s stock firmware (flash file).

Install Custom Firmware

After flashing the stock ROM, you need to install the custom firmware. Custom firmware is also known as Stock firmware or Stock ROM or flash file. With the help of the SP Flash Tool, you can install the individual flash file onto the device system.

Format / Hard Reset Device

SP Flash tool lets you format or hard reset your MediaTek based Android devices. To format the smartphone, you need to load the Scatter File of your android device to then go to the Format Menu. Now, select the Auto Format Flash or Manual Format Flash option. In the next phase, click on Start Button to Format the device.

Parameter Settings

The parameter settings help to Read or Write the OTP parameter on MediaTek Devices. You have to connect your Mediatek Device to the computer then just go to the parameter menu in SP Flash Tool. Now, select Read or Write and click on the update button.

Download Smartphone Flash Tool Latest version for Windows

SP Flash Tool works on only MediaTek powered smartphones such as Realme or Xiaomi. Also, this tool support only Windows operating systems. There are many versions available of SP flash tools and you need to download the correct one. Of course, the latest version will find better; but if the newer version does not work properly, you can download the older versions. We have listed all available SP Flash tools for flashing MediaTek devices. If you are looking for the latest version of the SP Flash Tool, then check following links to get it on your computer:

Download Smartphone Flash Tool Latest version for Linux

SP Flash Tools are available for not only Windows versions also for the Linux Operating system. In this post, we have managed to collect and share all available Smartphone flash tools for Linux computers. If you are looking for the latest version of the Flash Tool for Linux, then check following links to get it on your computer:

How many things we can do with SP Flash tools

  • Flash recovery
  • Advanced Memory testing and verifying.
  • Able to Read and Write parameters.
  • Flash to your Android stock-ROM
  • Formatting or Reset Your MTK based device.
  • Application for Fixing Bricked device.

Basic Requirements For SP Flash Tool

  • The first requirement is your PC or laptop.
  • You must have a Windows or Linux computer.
  • Also, need a USB data cable to connect your device to PC.
  • Usually, all smartphones come with data cable.
  • Drivers (MediaTek USB VCOM drivers) Than Scatter file + files to be flashed.
  • Take a whole backup of your device.
  • Download SP Flash Tools from the above link.

Some Important tools:

Warning: In the above sections, we have described all details about the SP flash tools; however, we must inform you that flashing and rooting is the advanced system task. These are the risky work because if anything goes wrong, your device will be bricked. We strongly suggest you know how to flash properly. Also, do not attempt to flash if you do not know what you are doing. And of course, MTKArena.com will not be responsible if you do something wrong or brick your device.

Important Note: Before using the SP Flash Tool, you need to root the smartphone because this tool will not work on an non rooted smartphone. There are a few popular one-click root apps available for Android devices such as Kingo Root, iRoot, KingRoot and Root 360. Download any of them along with the flash tool matching your device model.

Conclusion: So guys, this is all about SP Flash Tools. We have tried to cover and upload all available sessions for your convenience. However, if you do not find the version you are looking for or want the latest version, then let us know in the comment section and we will update our list.

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