RetroArch Download for iOS, Android and Windows

To minimize the hassle and play more games using emulators, you can download RetroArch for Android/ Windows/ Mac PC. Using multiple emulators for playing different games is almost impossible for gamers because each emulator and game has additional requirements. It is a unique emulator that does not emulate only a single console like PlayStation or SuperNintendo but also includes multiple consoles and games. Using this emulator, you can install and play thousands of games from different platforms.

Generally, you will need an emulator for each game console you want to emulate. It means you have to install any software; all of them have unique settings to manage, such as custom graphics, controller schemes, and paths to save games, etc. Suppose, to emulate Gamecube or Wii; you can use Dolphin. Also, you can use Project64 and ePSXe emulators for playing N64 and PlayStation, respectively.

However, RetroArch comes to the market to eliminate the need to manage all these emulators and programs separately. Instead, it aims to use only one cross-platform emulator (cores)– RetroArch itself to handle all console emulation. After downloading and installing this software, you can change all the settings, and it will fulfill the majority of emulation needs of playing games. This post will share the latest versions of RetroArch for Android, Windows, and Mac computers. Also, you will get other necessary tutorials and info.

What Exactly is RetroArch?

Technically, RetroArch is a cross-platform and open-source frontend master emulator for running different emulators and their associated memory. In a simple term, it is an emulator software that lets you access various hosts of other gaming systems, often refers as emulators or cores and ROMs on your Windows, Mac, or Android devices.

Back in the day, you would need a single console to play any specific game; however, with the technological advancement, nowadays, you can boot up the RetroArch program and get access to thousands of games within a few clicks.


Slick Graphical Interface

RetroArch has a fully customizable user interface that makes it easy to browse games. After downloading and installing, you will see a settop-oriented menu box in the dashboard. When you scan the collection, the system will sort the games for you. Also, the menu is compatible with the thumbnail and the feature image of the games.

Cross-Platform Version

You can use this emulator on not only Windows PC but also on Mac or Linux system. It has a specific version for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Ultimately, you can use this program on any platform you want.

Next-frame Response Time Capacity

While using this software, you will get impeccable latency results on the output. You will see no difference between the program and actual hardware input.

Highly Configurable Settings

It comes with many advanced settings for you to get the optimum results. So you can customize the whole system as you like, and you can choose from multiple options and menus.

Auto Configure the Joypad

After plugging in, the joypad will be configured automatically. It is a big help if your friend brings another one to play a multiplayer game.

Apply Shadders

If you are tired of playing orderly blocking retro games on your HD monitors, you can use RetroArch software. No matter how old the game is, the graphical filter will upgrade the rendering of the old games and make them almost new and match them with the vector graphics.

Unlock Achievements

Do you want to unlock more achievement? You can use the RetroArch emulator, and you can set up and unlock achievement on all your games by linking your RetroAchievement account with the RetroArch account.

Online Gaming

Is it possible to play multiplayer games online for retro games? Well, with the RetroArch, you can experience multiplayer gaming like Mario Kart 64 with your 3-4 friends online.

Supported Platforms

  • Windows: 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, ME, 98SE, 98 & 95
  • Linux
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Apple macOS / OSX
  • Apple macOS High Sierra (and later) with Metal2
  • Android
  • iOS

Download RetroArch Emulator for Windows

It is the top cross-platform frontend program that can run on different operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Apart from using it on the desktop PC, you can use it on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. You can use it on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Also, this program is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems. Moreover, we have shared the download link for Android devices. To get the correct version compatible with your OS, click on the download button below corresponding to your OS, and the setup file will be downloaded within a few moments.

Download RetroArch Emulator for Android

Download RetroArch Emulator for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Is RetroArch Legal?

Yes, it is 100% legal. It does not contain any proprietary and ownership code. Also, it does not infringe on copyright law. However, downloading the ROMs if you do not own the official cartridge is illegal, violating copyright law. We have not found any legal case or individual being prosecuted for this kind of issue from our research. If you have any knowledge about this legal issue, you can comment below.

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Developer Info: Libretro is the official developer of these fantastic emulators. As freeware, we have published the setup file of different platforms on our site. So a big thanks to the developer team for developing this software. We do not claim any legal rights, and all credits go to the official developer team for creating and distributing this software.

RetroArch is one of a kind, and there is no other competitor. The purpose is to reduce the hassle of using multiple emulators for playing various games. In this post, we have shared all details about this emulator. Also, you will find the download links for a few of the popular OS systems. If you have any issues regarding this software, you can comment below, and we will reach you to resolve the issue.

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