Phoenix USB Pro Download Latest v4.0.0

The Phoenix USB Pro is an application that helps you to flash stock firmware on Allwinner Chipset Devices (including A10, A13, A20, A31 chipsets). If you have any feature phone, smartphone or tablet based on Allwinner chipset and want to flash the firmware, then you can download this flash tool. It is the official and latest flash tool. Phoenix USB Pro flash tool works on only Windows computers. In this article, we will share the latest version of Phoenix USB Pro flash tool for your convenience.

When you want to flash any active and running smartphone, you can use the brand-specific flash tool. But the problem is many brands do not release their flash tool. In that case, you need to use third party flash tool. On the other hand, if your Android device is dead or bricked, then the device-specific flash tool will not work. So for Allwinner powered device, you can download Phoenix USB Pro flash tool. In this post, we will share the latest and official flash tool for any Allwinner device. Let’s check out the common features and functions of this tool.

Features of Phoenix USB Pro

Firmware Flashing

Flashing firmware is the main function and feature of this tool. Using this flash tool, you can flash the stock firmware on Allwinner chipset powered devices. All you have to do just launch the PhoenixUSB Pro tool on your Windows PC, load the key, browse the firmware, connect the mobile to the computer (make sure it is power off) and click on start to begin flashing. Also, you can install the custom ROM with this tool.

Built with the Debug View Feature

This flash tool comes with the debug view feature. With this feature, you will be able to find the details of Phoenix USB Pro.

Windows Compatibility

You can install and use this tool on only Window OS. We will not share the other versions. However, this tool is compatible with all Windows OS. You can use this on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Our listed tool does not support Mac or Linux OS.

No need of Key

To activate and use the earlier versions of this tool, you have to add key to use the tool; but, in the latest version of this tool, you don’t need to add the Key.

Supported Devices

This tool supports only all types of Allwinner powered smartphones and tablets. You can use this tool on all Android devices those featured by Allwinner chipset. However, if your device has different chipset like MediaTek or SpreadTrum, then use the SoC based flash tool.

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Download Phoenix USB Pro All versions

This USB Pro Tool support all versions of Windows OS including Windows XP to latest Windows 10. Also, it is compatible with both 32 bit or 64 bit systems. If you want to install the largest version of Phoenix USB Pro then you came to the right place here are the links below. We have listed few versions including the latest one. If one version odes not work, then we suggest trying the another version.

How to Use Phoenix USB Pro to Flash the Firmware

If you are looking for the user manual of this tool, then you are in the right place. We have posted another content with the full details in step by step. After downloading the latest setup file, read how to flash stock ROM with Phoenix USB Pro and follow all instructions carefully.

Remember that

The Phoenix USB Pro is created by Allwinner Technology Co. Ltd. So all credits must go to him for making and distributing this tool for us.

Warning: As you have already known that flashing requires expertise to perform the process correctly. If anything goes wrong, you may brick your device. Also, flashing wipes out everything from the phone. So before flashing or rooting the device, take a full backup. Also, we recommend knowing everything steps you are making. However, using this tool, if you brick the device, will not be responsible for your action.

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