Panda Helper VIP for iOS Free Download (2021)

If you want to download iOS apps other than App Store, you can try Panda Helper VIP. It is a famous app downloader for iPhone and iPad that provides more than 1000 applications. There are many necessary iOS apps and games which are not available on the official store. So Panda Helper comes into the highlight to offer many essential officials and unofficial apps for iPhone and iPad. Still, in many countries globally, the official App Store is not available or restricted, so third-party platforms are the prime sources for iOS apps. It is the trending third-party platform to download and install apps for iPhone.

With the tagline of “The most convenient app helper,” Panda Helper VIP is free and easy to use. Even a beginner can start downloading an iOS app using this application within a few seconds. If you are interested in downloading tweak apps and games, this app platform can be your best solution. The main advantage of using this application is that you do not have to pay anything. This app is free. Here, we will share the latest and official download link for Panda Helper VIP. Also, you will get the installation guide and user manual.

Panda Helper App Overview

Typically, you can download iOS apps from the App Store, but from here, you will get only the official apps, and there is no option to get premium apps free. Also, you cannot find any tweaks, hacks, and cracks in the official store. Panda Helper is a third-party application that lets you download and install all kinds of free and premium iOS apps, games, tweaks, screen recorders, emulators, and jailbreaks. It has more than 1000 apps for your convenience. Here, you will get the original and official Panda Helper VIP. Before sharing the latest version, let’s check out what are the primary benefits of this app.


Tweaked Apps and Hacked Games

If you are looking for modified versions of all official and unofficial apps and games, you can use Panda Helper. Similar to the Mod app, you can get unlimited gold, money, coins, and lives in the games using Panda Helper.

Easy to use and Simple UI

Finding the best third-party iOS downloader is challenging because most of them do not have many apps. However, Panda Helper is one of the best iOS apps downloaders with many official and unofficial apps and games. On the other hand, it is easy to use. After downloading this app, you can easily download and install any iOS apps from this site.

No Jailbreak and Apple ID

If you do not have Apple ID, you can still use Panda Helper. Jailbreaking is a standard method to get admin access to your iOS devices. To download third-party apps outside the App Store, you have to jailbreak your iPhone. However, if you use Panda Helper, you do not need to jailbreak to download and install iOS applications.

1000+ App Inventory

Panda Helper has more than 1000 iOS applications and games, tweaks, and emulators. You will get all kinds of modified versions of useful apps. Every day, this platform is updating and adding new applications for your convenience.

Paid Apps for free

The official App Store has both free and premium apps. But you cannot get the paid apps for free. However, if you download Panda Helper, you can download most of the paid apps without paying anything.

Compatible OS

Panda Helper is compatible with all versions of iOS devices. You can use this platform on the latest iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. It supports iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11.3, iOS 11.3.1, iOS 11.4, & iOS 12, iOS 12.0.1, iOS 12.1, iOS 13, iOS 13.1, and iOS 13.4. To get the super-smooth performance, you should upgrade your iOS device to iOS 11 or iOS 12.

Download Panda Helper VIP for iOS 13- iOS 14

Panda Helper is compatible with all iOS versions from iOS 9 to iOS 13. It is the top iOS app downloader. The download process is simple. We have listed the latest and official Panda Helper setup files for iPhone or iPad. To get it, click on the download button below, and the setup file will be downloaded on your iPhone within a short time.

How to Install Panda Helper on iPhone?

After downloading Panda Helper for iOS, you can follow the tutorial below to install it on your iPhone or iPad. However, you should use Safari Browser for installing this application.

Step 1: Launch the Safari browser and open this article.

Step 2: Now, click on the download link above to get the setup file.

Step 3: Double click the setup file and click on the “Install” button from the popup window.

Step 4: That’s it. Now, Panda Helper will start installing on your iPhone or iPad. Like installing the regular application from App Store, the Panda Helper icon will appear on your iOS smartphone’s home screen.

Step 5: When the application is installed on your device completely, the icon will turn bright. Before using this app, go to the “Settings” option and then select the “General” option. Then choose the “Profile and Device Management.”

Step 6: Now, select the “Trust the Profile” option of the Panda Helper.

You are done! Now, open the application and use it.

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How to Use Panda Helper?

In the above sections, we have discussed all aspects of this iOS apps store. If you have followed our instructions above, you may have downloaded and installed Panda Helper on your iPhone or iPad. If you do not know how to use it on your iOS device, follow these steps below.

Step 1: Tap the Panda Helper icon to launch it on your device.

Step 2: In the dashboard, you will see different app categories for iPhone and iPad. Click on the “Get” button corresponding to the apps you want to install.

Step 3: Before installing the apps, do not forget to choose the “Trust the Profile of the Application” option.


1. Is Panda Helper Safe?

Usually, the official apps platforms like App Store discourage users from downloading apps and games outside these platforms for iPhone and iPad. But still, there are few trusted app stores on which you can rely; Panda Helper is one of them. It is safe to use because there is no need to jailbreak. Also, Panda Helper does not expose your iPhone and iPad to any external threat. So you can say that Panda Helper is safe to use.

2. Is Panda Helper Legal?

 Yes, Panda Helper is legal as long as you download free and official apps. It could be illegal to download any third-party hacked games, crack apps, and mod apps. If you download hacked apps using this platform, your device may get infected with the deadly virus.

3. Is Panda Helper Free?

Yes, it is a free iOS app developer. However, the available version is free, but you have to pay for extra features and more apps in the VIP section if you want additional features and more apps.

This is all about Panda Helper. If you have followed the above guides correctly, you have successfully installed the iOS app on your iPhone or iPad from the Panda Helper app platform. We have explained everything easily. Still, if you have any issue downloading and installing Panda Helper for iOS, then comment below, and we will try our best to resolve your problem.

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