How To Use PIT Files On Odin For Flashing Samsung Device

If you need to change the partition of the firmware and want to use the PIT files for your device, you are in the place. We will share how to use PIT files on Samsung Odin for flashing the Galaxy devices. If you use a Galaxy smartphone for a long time, you may have come across Samsung Odin – a popular flash tool for Samsung devices. While flashing the Galaxy smartphones and tablets using this tool, you may need the PIT files only if you plan to change the partition of the stock firmware.

In that case, you need to download the matching PIT files for your device. However, similar to stock firmware, every Samsung Galaxy smartphone has a unique PIT file. To change it while flashing, you have to find the latest and corresponding PIT files and the firmware for your device. On the other hand, many Samsung users cannot use these files even after downloading because they do not know the user manual. If you are one of them, then this tutorial is for you. In this post, we will explain how to use these files on the Odin tool while flashing the Samsung Galaxy device. However, the installing and flashing process is similar to all Samsung smartphones. Let’s check out what PIT file is and what the standard functions of this are.

What Samsung PIT file?

Though it seems this file may be unknown to you, it is a simple file located on your device software. PIT is the acronym for Partition Information Table. All Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets have unique PIT files. It contains the partition tables that have all the essential information for each required partition.

The partition info includes block size, block count, partition name, and other compulsory technical fields. To successfully flash the Samsung Galaxy device, you have to download the matching Samsung PIT files along with other tools.

What Does the PIT file do?

Making repartition on the stock firmware is the primary job of PIT file. Elaborately speaking, this file allocates memory in the firmware of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone and creates tables for the stock ROM to be written to. However, this file does not upgrade the Samsung devices or will not increase the performance of your phone. It will also not add any new feature to your Galaxy device; it only assigns temporary memory of your device for the ‘/system’ partition and ‘/dbdata’ partition on the stock firmware.

How to Download PIT Files for Samsung Galaxy Devices

If you are looking for the latest Samsung Galaxy PIT files, you are in the right place. In this phase, we will share the 100% working PIT files for all Galaxy smartphones and tablets. We have listed all available Samsung PIT files based on model number. To get the correct file, check out your Samsung Galaxy model number and click on the download button beside the model.

Download Samsung PIT Files For All Galaxy Series

How to Use PIT Files on Samsung Odin for Flashing the ROM

Here, we will share the tutorial for the manual method to use PIT files while flashing the device. If this is your first time, read the full post and follow the instructions accordingly.

Step 1: Download Samsung Odin latest version for flashing Galaxy smartphones. Samsung Odin is the efficient and most popular flashing tool you can use to install stock firmware or custom OS. Make sure you download the latest version of Odin.

Step 2: Now, download the matching stock firmware for your Samsung device. You need this firmware to restore the Galaxy device to factory reset or fresh. Also, you can fix several issues if you use the latest firmware. It restored your device to its factory state, upgrade, unroot or perform other software-related fixes.

Step 3: In that phase, you have to download and install Samsung USB Driver. If the model wise USB drivers do not work, you can use chipset based USB drivers; you have to download MTK USB driver if you are using smartphones powered by MediaTek.

Step 4: Enable your device in bootable mode and connect your Samsung device in Download mode to your Windows PC. However, if you do not know how to convert the device into boot mood using the Volume down, use home/Bixby button and power button or use a tool that allows you to boot into download mode.

Step 5: Now, extract and open Odin Flashing Tool on your Windows PC.

Step 6: After extracting the Odin setup file, run the Odin3.exe. Click on PDA/AP or the available files to load them in Odin.

Step 7: Now, click on the PIT Tab from your phone.

After clicking on the PIT tab, you will see the warning, “Do not use this tab. This tab is for engineers. Your device will be changed with the PIT in the CSC file“, click OK to proceed.

Step 8: Add corresponding PIT files for your smartphone. If you use the right PIT file for your Samsung device, it will solve your issues. Make sure you use a compatible PIT file.

Step 9: Make sure you tick Re-partition, F-Reset Time and Auto-Reboot option in Odin.

Step 10: Now, click on the Start button if everything is correctly set up.

Step 11: In this phase, click on the start button when you are ready to begin flashing the Samsung device. You would get a PASS message if everything went well.

That’s it. If you follow the above instructions correctly, you may have downloaded and flashed the PIT files on your device.

Developer Credit:Samsung” is the sole developer and owner of the PIT file we provide in this post. As freeware, we are publishing these available PIT files on our website. All credit goes to the original and official developer team. Thanks for sharing such a useful file.

The PIT files are unnecessary for all Samsung devices; you only need them if you plan to modify the partition on the ROM. In our post, we have shared a comprehensive tutorial about how to use this file on your device. However, if we have missed any point, please let us know in the comment section, and we will fix the issue quickly.

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