How to unlock Bootloader on Samsung Galaxy

Do you want to flash or root your Samsung Galaxy smartphone and need to unlock the bootloader? If you are a beginner and do not know how to unlock bootloader on Samsung Galaxy device, this guide is for you. This tutorial will learn the complete bootloader unlocking process and the necessary tools and files.

As you know, Android is a Linux-based operating system that is easy to edit and customize. Also, it is an open-source OS. So the developers modify the core system to unlock the hidden features. The bootloader is a file located in the core system code. It runs when you switch on your Samsung Galaxy device. It contains essential files and software like boot file, device kernel, and Samsung system framework that allows your Galaxy device to boot faster and smoother. This post will explain the complete process of unlocking the bootloader on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

How to Unlock Bootloader on Samsung Galaxy Device

If your Samsung device is dead or bricked and needs to flash the Samsung stock firmware, you must unlock the bootloader first. It is the standard procedure before flashing. Also, if you need to install custom firmware by flashing it, you have to unlock the bootloader first, and then you will be able to install custom or stock firmware on your device. On the other hand, without opening the bootloader, you cannot initiate the flashing process.

Due to security concerns, Samsung does not distribute the unlocked Galaxy devices. However, if you are an Android developer or pro user who knows the Samsung software better, you can unlock the bootloader easily. This post is all about how to unlock bootloader on a Samsung device. In this post, we will share the complete guidelines on the Samsung Galaxy bootloader unlocking process. If you are a beginner and have little idea about what bootloader is and why you need to unlock it, read the following section.

What are Samsung Bootloader and Bootloader Unlock?

The Samsung bootloader is a software program or system code that launches when you switch on and starts the Android OS. It allows the Galaxy smartphone’s OS and kernel to open the recovery mode or run the boot process. You can find the smartphone’s bootloader on every OS operating on computers, tablets, and smartphones. 

As we have mentioned earlier, the brand manufacturers offer the locked device, but you can unlock the Samsung Galaxy bootloader with few clicks. The unlocked device allows the users to experiments with anything on their phones. So it is risky for the device company. However, you need to unlock the Samsung phone if you want to perform certain activities that require modifying the Android OS system. Suppose you want to root your Samsung phone, so you need to unlock the bootloader. Also, bootloader unlocking is necessary to flash and install custom firmware, custom recovery files, and another third-party software framework. So we can say that you will need to unlock the bootloader to perform the critical tasks on your Samsung device.

Pros of Unlocking Samsung Bootloader

  • Root your Samsung Galaxy device and install root access
  • Flash Samsung Galaxy smartphone and install stock ROM
  • Install Custom firmware

Cons of Unlocking Galaxy Bootloader

  • Unlocking the bootloader will void the device warranty
  • Unlocking the Samsung bootloader will erase all data and files from your device
  • Failed bootloader unlocking may lead to boot loop or brick issue
  • The Galaxy device may not perform the same as before
  • Failed bootloader unlocking affects the device’s privacy and security measures

How to Unlock Bootloader on Samsung Galaxy without PC

If you want the hassle-free method to unlock the bootloader on your Samsung Galaxy device, then you can use this technique. Typically, the latest Samsung Galaxy devices use Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset; however, many mid-range Galaxy devices have MediaTek SoC. No matter which chipset your device has, and it has processors originated from Asia or European versions, you can still use this method to unlock the bootloader. This guide is for Samsung users who do not have Windows PC. Let’s check out the steps to unlock the bootloader on your Samsung phone.

Step 1: Switch on your Samsung device.

Step 2: Now, go to the “Settings” option.

Step 3: Navigate to the bottom and click on the “About Phone” option.

Step 4: Now, press on the “Build Number” for 7 times.

Step 5: Then come to the primary settings option and navigate to the bottom.

Step 6: Now, click on the “Developer” option and enable the “OEM Unlock.”

Step 7: If you have followed the above rules accordingly, you have unlocked the bootloader successfully. 

A Complete Guide to Unlock Bootloader on Samsung with Windows PC

In the above method, you see that you can unlock the bootloader easily. However, not all devices let you unlock the bootloader quickly and easily. To do it, you need to get special permission and a specific code from the manufacturer before opening. Once you get the code, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1: Complete all steps from the above method to enable Developer options and unlock OEM lock.

Step 2: Now, enable the USB debugging from the Developer Options.

Step 3: Connect your Samsung Galaxy device to your Windows PC using Samsung USB Driver.

Step 4: Download ADB and Fastboot file, and then extract the files on your Windows PC.

Step 5: Install the ADB and Fastboot file.

Step 6: Now, turn off your Samsung Galaxy device and start it on the fast boot mode.

Step 7: Navigate to the ADB and Fastboot software on your Windows PC and click on the “Shift Key + Right Mouse” in the blank area to initiate the Windows command prompt.

Step 8: Now, write the “ADB devices” command in CMD.

Step 9: A popup will show up to let you open the USB debugging on your Samsung device. You can click on the “OK” button.

Step 10: Now, write the “ADB reboot bootloader” and press the “Enter or go” button.

Step 11: This will reboot your Samsung device into bootloader mode.

Step 12: Now, check whether your Samsung device is locking the bootloader or not. If your device is still showing the locked bootloader, type the “fastboot devices” and hit enter.

Step 13: After completing all these steps, your Samsung phone will appear on the ADB and Fastboot screen. 

Step 14: If you have completed all the above steps, your device’s fastboot number will appear. If you cannot see the fast boot mode, you have to follow all grades from 1 to 14.

Step 15: When you see your device is recognized, you can follow our next steps.

Step 16: Type “fast boot OEM unlock” and hit enter button.

Step 17: Everything’s done.

Step 18: To reboot the Samsung phone to the original system, type the “fastboot reboot” and hit the enter button.

Step 19: Now, your device is rebooted to the original system, and you have unlocked the bootloader on your Samsung Galaxy device.

Warning: The unlocking bootloader will void the device warranty. will not be responsible for any issues. On the other hand, unlocking the bootloader will delete everything from your device. 

So, guys, this is all about how to unlock the bootloader on Samsung Devices. We have tried to add everything necessary for the unlocking process; still, if you have any issue, you can commend below, and we will reach you to reply.  

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