How to Uninstall Riot Client

If you’re a gamer, you must know what Riot games is. In this article, I’ll discuss how to uninstall Riot client from the game. It is one of the most famous games all over the world. Games like League of Legends, Runeterra and Valorant are updating day by day and keep satisfying their players. Although those are fun games, sometimes it can be frustrating so you might uninstall Riot Client from your device. Here, I’ll discuss both automatic and manual methods.

Why do you want to uninstall it?

There are several reasons behind uninstalling Riot Client. In this section, I’ll discuss all of these below.

  • The Riot game is not suitable for other applications on the program.
  • Sometimes, it can be crushed or hangs.
  • It’s hard for some people to realize the settings of this game.
  • The program can be reinstalled.
  • Some software, including the user, find this program harmful to their device, so they want to uninstall it.
  • The Control Panel do not provide a list for the software.
  • Its removing process is very hard and sometimes doesn’t stop.

How to Uninstall Riot Client

How to Uninstall Riot Client?

There are two processes available to uninstall this game from the system. In this section, I’ll discuss both. Follow the below process to uninstall it.

Step 1: Press the Windows Key or click on the Windows icon on your taskbar and type “Add or remove programs,”.

Step 2: Now press the Enter button.

Step 3: Scroll down until you don’t see the Riot Client. After finding it, click on it, and then click Uninstall. You will see a prompt to click uninstall again in a pop-up window to confirm your choice.

Step 4: Now, allow the application to make changes to your device. Confirm that you would like Riot Client to be uninstalled once more.

You can follow the process to uninstall it directly from the system.

How to Uninstall Riot Client Manually?

There is another way of uninstalling this game. If the upper process doesn’t work or you fail to do it, then this process is for you. Follow the steps below to install it manually.

Step 1: Click the “Start” key or press the Windows key and type CMD.

Step 2: Click right and then click on the Run as Administrator.

Step 3: Now, type and press Enter for both of these Commands. Those are:

  • Sc delete vgc
  • Sc delete vgk
  • C: \WINDOWS\system32>sc delete vgc [SC] DeleteService SUCCESS
  • C: \WINDOWS\system32>sc delete vgk [SC] DeleteService SUCCESS

Step 4: Reboot your computer and do this step before proceeding to uninstall Riot Client Game.

Step 5: Click on the “Start” key or press the Windows key and click this PC.

Step 6: Now, navigate to C:\PROGRAM FILES\

Step 7: In the final step, right-click on the Riot Client and delete it from the system.

This is the process of uninstalling Riot Client manually.

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Final Verdict: Now you know how to Uninstall Riot Client from your system. Although most people love to play this game, if you start to play, you might want to know how to uninstall it. It is full of fun and exciting game. I hope now you know all the information about uninstalling this game. If you have more queries about it, please comment below. Our team will help you anytime e you want. Thanks for reading the article.

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