How to Remove FRP Protection from Lava Z1S LZG402

If you have a Lava Z1 smartphone and you’re facing the issue of FRP lock and want to solve it, then you’re in the right place. In this article, you will know how to remove FRP protection from Lava Z1S LZG402.

Lava Z1s FRP file is a very effective way to bypass the FRP lock from your phone. FRP is a data security element for all modern Android smartphones that guards against unwanted access. If you forgot the last active Gmail account that was used on your phone after performing a factory reset, follow these instructions and download Lava Z1s LZG402 FRP File with Tool to quickly unlock the Google Gmail verification lock.

How to Remove FRP Protection from Lava Z1S LZG402

How to Remove FRP Protection from Lava Z1S LZG402

If you want to remove FRP Protection from Lava Z1S, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Download and install the SPD/ UniSoc driver on the computer. If you already have this driver, skip this step.

Step 2: Now download and extract the Lava Z1S LZG402 FRP package on the computer. After extracting the package, you will see a file on the computer.

Step 3: Download and extract the SPD research tool. After extracting the tool, you’ll see some files.

Step 4: Double-click on the “ResearchDownload.exe” from the files to launch the SPD Research Tool.

Step 5: After launching the SPD file, click on the “Load Packet” button and load the Lava Z1S LZG402 FRP File.

Step 6: Turn off your device and connect it to the computer with a USB cable.

Step 7: Then click on the “start download” button.

Step 8: The FRP removal protection will start now; wait a moment to complete the process.

Step 9: Your device will restart automatically when completing the removal process. After completing the process, you will see the “Green Passed” message.

Step 10: Finally, “Close SPD Research Tool” and disconnect the device from the computer.

Now restart the device; after this, you won’t face any FRP lock on your Lava Z1S LZG402.

Removing FRP Files is not responsible for any damage to your device; please try this at your own risk.

Warning: You may lose data from your smartphone after removing or bypassing the FRP lock. Back up your phone and all the information before removing the FRP lock.

How to Disable Factory Reset Protection?

Factory reset is an advanced thing for any Android device. It has a connection with a Gmail account. So if you want to disable factory reset protection from your Lava Z1 smartphone, delete the Gmail account from the device settings. Now go to the settings menu > Accounts > select the Gmail id > remove the account. This is the process of disabling factory reset.

Final Verdict: The Lava Z1S LZG402 FRP Protection is challenging and complex. It might erase all the data from your smartphone. But if you have a backup of all the information and other things in the device, you can do it. Please let us know in the comment section if you have any queries related to FRP Lock Removal. Now you know How to Remove FRP Protection from Lava Z1S LZG402. Thank you for reading the full article.

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