How To Remove Activation Lock Without Previous Owner

People all over the world want to use Apple products. But not everyone can afford the new one. If you buy an old iPhone, you might face the problem of an activation lock from the owner, so you will need to know how to remove activation lock without the previous owner. Nowadays, it’s a big question: Is it possible to remove the activation lock without the previous owner?

In this post, I will discuss how you will remove activation lock without the previous owner.

What is Activation Lock in iOS?

Before you remove the activation lock, you must know what the activation lock is.

Activation lock is the basic feature of Apple that works as Find My Device. If you activate ‘Find My Device’, it will turn on automatically. Turning on the activation lock will ensure that all your data is safe and no one can steal it. Even if you lost your iPhone, no one could use it without reactivating it.

Why Will You Turn On The Activation Lock?

There are a lot of facilities to use this activation lock in iPhone. But, at the same time, there are some cons too.

  • It protects your information even if your device is stolen.
  • It locates your lost device and makes a sound when you activate Find My Device on your Apple product like iPhone, IPad, Mac, etc.
  • The process is much more difficult if you purchase an older iPhone but cannot gather information from the previous owner.

So I will try to help you with how you will solve this problem.

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How To Remove Activation Lock Without Previous Owner

There are some specific ways to solve this issue. Those strategies are:

How To Remove Activation Lock Without Previous Owner

Method 1: Use professional software

You can use professional software to remove the activation of locked iOS.

Use UnicTool Upassit

Step 1: First, install it, launch UnicTool Upassit and then select Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Screen Mode.

Step 2: Now you have to jailbreak your iOS. For this, follow the on-screen instruction and finish the jailbreaking process.

Step 3: After jailbreaking the iOS device, now Bypass the activation lock. For this, click on ‘start bypass’.

For MAC users: The process is the same. You just need to connect your iPhone to your MAC and follow the process. 

Method 2: Try to solve by Apple Official Support

It is a little bit hard because you have to prove that you bought this iPhone from the previous owner. But if all of your documents are real, then it would be easy. Go to Apple Support and contact them. Apple staff will respond to you. There are two ways to contact with Apple support centre:

1. Offline Method: Go to the Apple store and keep the documents with you

2. Online Method: You can call the Apple support centre or visit their website.

You can choose any of these, and their staff will help you with the specific information.

Method 3: Remove activation lock without previous owner by iCloud Web

If you can contact the previous owner of the iOS, this strategy will be very helpful for you. Because the previous owner can try to help you remotely, it will take a few steps to follow. So if you’re in touch with the owner, you do follow these steps below:

Step 1: Open the iCloud website in your browser

Step 2: Sign on to the iCloud account currently used in your locked iPhone.

Step 3: After logging in, go to the option that says Find iPhone. You can operate this remotely on your phone.

Step 4: Click on the All Device option and choose your phone.

Step 5: Now click on erase iPhone and remove from the account.

Bravo! You’re done. Those are the 4 strategies you can follow to remove the activation lock without the previous owner.

Method 4: Remove activation lock without previous owner by DNS

If you’re a user of an old version of any iOS product, then this option is for you. If you use DNS to unlock the Apple product, it will help you to bypass the activation lock. You don’t need any purchasing proof or any document from the previous owner. DNS is an effective method that doesn’t cost too much time or hassle. For this, you have to follow some steps. Those are:

Step 1: First, set your phone as a new device and go to the wifi setting.

Step 2: Then, connect to the wifi setting and tap the ‘I’ icon near your wifi name.

Step 3: Next screen will be visible, and select the configure DNS option.

Step 4: Finally, choose the manual option from the top.

Step 5: use the code any of the below as your location;

  • USA:
  • South America:
  • Europe:
  • Australia and Oceania:
  • Asia:
  • Other:


Will Factory Reset get rid of the activation lock?

Not at all. Mostly factory reset couldn’t remove the activation lock. Even if you do a factory reset after logging in to the google account, it will still ask for the previous credentials when you switch back the phone.

How do I remove an iCloud account from my iPhone without a password?

Generally, you can’t do this because you need to recover the password for entering iCloud and doing further steps. It is basic account security for the owner’s privacy.

What proof does Apple remove the activation lock?

You can ask Apple to bypass the activation lock. You must have some proof that you’re the legal owner of the iOS. Proofs can be like the device’s serial number, IMEI, MEID, etc.

Conclusion: Now you know how to remove activation lock without a previous owner. If you buy the old iOS product, you will need it. Don’t worry if your iPhone, iPad, or MAC is locked. Just try to collect the password, and before forgetting, keep the password in any safe place.

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