How To Get Better At Warding League?

As you’re here, you already know how to play warding league. Warding is a game that stands for ‘you can’t fight with what you can’t see.’ It means if you don’t have the vision, you’ll be left in the dark, or you have to guess, or maybe it depends on the enemies’ move because they have more vision than you.

Here, I’ll give you some quickly tips about How To Get Better At Warding League. Let’s start.

Overview of Ward In League Of Legend Game

There are some specific ways to lead this game. You can ward in an as aggressive or defensive way. You have to decide how you’ll take to it.

Aggressive Ward: Aggressive warding is the placement of a ward in the enemy’s terrority to make it simple to ambush the primary target. As an aggressive ward, place a ward in enemies’ terrority, so it is possible to follow enemies’ movement. Whatever, an alone player tries to do it alone, and he has a high risk of getting caught by the enemies and letting the enemies know about the wards.

Defensive Ward: Defensive ward means you will place the ward in your terrority and takes a move when enemies come to your terrority. In defensive ward play, you will know the enemies’ ward.

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How To Get Better At Warding League?

Now come to the point of how to get better at warding league. You can simply play this game with some tips and tricks or guess the wards off enemies.

I’ll share some fantastic tricks so that you can be the best player at League of Legends.

How To Get Better At Warding League

Tips 1: You can place a ward on the map. However, it can be found any place on the map. It could help when the enemy tries to kill you, or you can’t move.

Tips 2: It’s easy to place a ward in Scarra, and it’s very easy. If your target is barren or the dragon, you can create a ward for safety. Well, it’s also risky because if the enemies stay around the bushes, they can guess you’re on that objective.

Tips 3: Now, we will talk about the baron ward. After 2018, people started using it. You can place a baron ward to control a ward. You can see a green ward with this baron ward. It is quite effective, I can tell you of that.

Tips 4: Whenever you place a ward, make sure you place it perfectly. Because if there was any lacking happens it will effect on your terrority.

Tips 5: Make a ward top of the tower. Because it gives you a great vision to watch around and you can walk around the bushes.

Tips 6: try to avoid the red jungle side area. Generally, this place doesn’t help you anyway; rather, it will help the enemy to guess your ward.

Tips 7: when you start warding, you will get free wards as a supporter. So focus on the map and try to increase your vision.

Those are all the tips for you to get better at warding league.

Difficulties In Warding League

There are some difficulties in warding league games to play it well. You will mostly face it in vision control. You can control enemies’ vision. There are 3 main ways to clear and control enemies’ vision.

  • You can use auto-attacks against enemies. You can deny their vision. But if you’re at an early stage, you can’t use it. After leveling up, you can use this.
  • You can buy control wards. If you buy this, you can easily control the vision of enemies, which will help your team with a lot of information.
  • You can use a sweeping lens. If you can use it correctly, you can block out the enemies’ vision and look more closely at the map.

Where should you place wards?

If you place a ward in the river or on the top side of the map, you can easily counter the enemies. However, if you place a ward in the bushes and walk around the bush, it will help you to win.

What does Blue Ward do?

Blue ward will remain on the map until enemies don’t destroy it. Pro players can also attack the blue ward.

Final Thought: LOL is an amazing game around the world. Now you have enough idea about How To Get Better At Warding League. I tried my best to help you with tips and tricks about the warding league. If you have more questions, please comment below on the post.

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