How to Get a Unicorn in Adopt Me – Roblox 2022

If you are looking for a solution on how to get a Unicorn in Adopt Me from the Roblox game, then you are in the right place. It is a family-friendly multiplayer game where the players decorate their virtual houses, playing with friends, and more. In this game, pets hold the light of attention. Adopt Me allows the players to hatch, adopt, raise, and dress up their virtual pets.

While playing Adopt Me, you will notice multiple pets available to adopt; the Unicorn is one of the cute and legendary pets. However, taking the Unicorn as a pet is very tough in the Adopt Me Roblox game. That’s why we are writing this guide to help you to get a Unicorn in Adopt Me game. Here, you will find several effective methods that will help you to get at least one Unicorn in Adopt Me – Roblox.

How to Get a Unicorn in Adopt Me – Roblox

Getting a Unicorn in Adopt Me – Roblox is difficult if you do not know how to get them. There are mainly four ways to get them: hatching eggs, getting daily rewards, having giveaways, and trading. Here, we will discuss each method in detail. Let’s check out how you can get a Unicorn in Adopt Me game.

Method 1: Hatching Eggs

Among the several techniques, getting a Unicorn by hatching the eggs is the top one. While playing the Adopt Me game, you will find different kinds of eggs like Cracked, Pet, and Royal Eggs your Unicorn can hatch. However, this method is complicated for many players though it is the popular one. As we have mentioned earlier, a pet in the Adopt Me is a legendary rarity but getting one via hatching eggs depends on your luck. If you wonder how to get it, check out where the Unicorn can hatch from, the price tag, and the legendary probability rate below.

  • Cracked Eggs cost you $350, and the legendary probability rate is 1.5%.
  • Pet Eggs cost you $600, and the legendary probability rate is 3%.
  • Royal Eggs cost you $1450, and the legendary probability rate is 8%.

Though Cracked Eggs have the lowest legendary probability rate, it tends to give a Unicorn rather than the other two. Many players have reported this. Now it is up to you to which eggs you should go.

Method 2: Getting Daily Login Rewards

Apart from hatching eggs, you can get a Unicorn by getting daily login rewards. Though it does not give you a white Unicorn directly, you will get the Gold variant of the Unicorn. The process is simple. You have to log in every day, and you should collect the Star Rewards. With the Star Rewards, you can get yourself a Golden Egg that has the chance of providing you the Golden Unicorn.

Method 3: Relying on the Content Creators Giveaways

The content creators and legit gamers from different gaming platforms and social media sites often offer giveaways a pet Unicorn. You can find many popular YouTubers and Streamers focusing on the Adopt Me game that provide free Unicorn to their subscribers and valued visitors. You can subscribe to them and follow them regularly. If you are the lucky ones, you may get the free Unicorn. However, you should avoid the streamers with low subscribers and suspicious gamers because they often announce to giveaway Unicorn, but they do not share the Unicorn.

Method 4: Trading Unicorns

Trading is another method to get a Unicorn in Adopt Me game. There are several ways you can trade Unicorn with other users. However, in-game trade chat is the best option to trade Unicorns. Even the developers prefer that in-game trade chat is the only and top official method of trading Unicorn. If you are lucky, you will find someone willing to trade a Unicorn in exchange for anything that is not useful.

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So, guys, these are all four methods to get a Unicorn in Adopt Me – Roblox. You can try all techniques, and if you are lucky, then you will get one. Among the four methods, the first two techniques are the effective ones. However, we recommend trying all four methods.

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