How to Freeze The Chat On Twitch

Twitch is a live video streaming service, and it’s from America. It focuses on video game live streaming, broadcasts e-sports, etc. It has a chat option too. Sometimes people want to freeze the chat on Twitch, but there are some steps to do this. So if you want to know how to Freeze the Chat on Twitch, you’re in the right place. In this article, I’ll discuss Twitch, how to freeze the chat and how to filter chat. So let’s jump to the next step.

How to Freeze The Chat On Twitch

As I told you before, Twitch is a live video streaming platform where you can go live and show games, sports, creative content, etc. If you use it regularly, you must know how many people message in the chat box. It’s a bit irritating, so I’ll discuss how you’ll freeze the chat on Twitch. You have to follow some steps for this. The steps are below:

How to Freeze The Chat On Twitch

Step 1: Go to ‘Open the Stream’ that you want to watch.

Step 2: Then go to ‘Live Chat Box.’

Step 3: Click the ‘Gear icon’ beside the chat button.

Step 4: Now select the ‘Pause Chat’ option.

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Another Way to Freeze The Chat On Twitch

There is another option to freeze the chat on Twitch. You’ll see the drop-down view of settings. There are four types of settings to pause the chat on Twitch. Those are:

Scroll Only: It is a default setting. If you scroll down, the chat option will automatically freeze.

Mouseover: Whenever you use this option, it will freeze the chat within 5seconds.

Hold Alt Key: It’s very simple. Hold down the Alt key, and that chat will freeze.

Mouseover/Alt Key: It is a combination where you can use both Mouseover and Alt Key.

How to Filter Twitch Chat

If you want to have a chat but you want to filter it, then this option is for you. Twitch launched this feature for the convenience of the user. Let’s tell you how you’ll filter chat. When you enter the Filter Chat option, you’ll find some options. Those are:

Discrimination means insulting any nation, gender orientation, or anything like this.

Sexually Explicit Language: It means sexual harassment content or anything that offends body parts or similar of this.

Hostility: It means aggressive and bullying language about other people.

Profanity: It means showing swear words and expressions.


How To Clear Chat On Twitch?

Go to the Twitch chat. Type “/clear” in the Twitch chat and click enter. All the messages in the chat for that stream will be deleted.

How To Get Unbanned From Chat On Twitch?

If you’re banned, then you can request unbanded. Go to the Chat column and submit a request to the channel owners or moderators so they can review it.

Can You Private Chat On Twitch?

On Twitch, you can privately chat with any other user using the Whisper feature. A private chat window will open for you whenever you Whisper to someone.

How To Make Twitch Chat Appear On Screen?

On the left side of the screen, select In-Game Overlay. You’ll see a list of options. It will appear after you click the toggle to enable the in-game overlay. The in-game overlay will be allowed for any game captured directly through screen share.

Conclusion: Now you know how to freeze chat on Twitch. It’s a very famous app around the world for live streaming. I hope this article helps you. If it helped you, then leave a comment. Thank you for reading the full article.

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