How to Clear All Cache at Once Galaxy A12 Phone

Hello buddies, if you want to know how to clear all cache in Galaxy A12, you have come to the right place. In this article, I’ll discuss what cache is, why you need to clear it regularly, and how you’ll do it. To know all the information in detail, please read the full post.

What is Cache?

A cache is a hardware or software element that stores data whenever you visit any website or use an application on the device. It helps to recognize the previous information and faster access to the app or site. For example, entering a new website will take much longer than the old one you visited before. It’s because of the cache. Cache collects data from the website or apps you use the first time. The cache doesn’t save the password, so if you delete the cache, it doesn’t harm your phone; at the same time, it increases the storage of your device.

How to Clear All Cache at Once Galaxy A12 Phone

When and Why You Need to Clear Cache?

Now, why will you clear the cache from your Android device? There are several reasons for it. First, let’s discuss why you’ll remove the cache from your Android phone.

Cache makes your storage full of unnecessary information. Whenever you visit different sites, it stores the cache in your device. The cache is made in a lot of ways like browsers, image processing software, video editors, social networks and games, etc. Too much cache sometimes slows down your phone and takes up too much space. So it’s important to clear the cache for at least a month.

Clear cache whenever your phone has less than 20% storage or any specific app doesn’t launch.

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How to Clear All Cache in Galaxy A12 Phone

You can clear the cache from your Galaxy A12 Phone with two methods. You can use any of these. The methods are:

1. Manual Method

2. Automatic Method

Manual Method

Applying this method to clear the cache from the Samsung Galaxy A12 Phone is very simple.

Step 1: Open the phone settings.

Step 2: Go to the Application section.

Step 3: Select any app that you use most. Go to storage.

Step 4: You’ll find the ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Clear Cache options.

Step 5: Press’ Clear Cache’, and you’re done.

In this process, you won’t lose any passwords. In addition, after clearing the cache, your phone will have more open space.

Automatic Method

This is an easier way to clear the cache from your Galaxy A12 Phone. You only need to install a cleaning app, which will remove all the unnecessary data from your phone. It will work automatically. For clearing automatically, you will need an application.

You can use any of the applications because all the apps have almost the same features and work similarly. I’ll discuss CCleaner, which is so famous among Android users. You have to follow some steps to use it as a cleaner.

Step 1: Install the app and run it.

Step 2: Allow access to your device.

Step 3: Now, press the ‘Quick Clean’ button.

Step 4: Wait some moment to finish the scan. After that, select app that you want to clear cache and unnecessary information.

Step 5: Finally, press the ‘Finish Clean’ button.

This app will clean all unwanted information and caches. After using this app, you can uninstall it and leave it for later.


What Happens If I Clear All Cached Data?

It will delete temporary data, and your phone will get free space. Nothing will be removed from the download, and your phone will be back without any bugs.

Can I Clear the Cache On All Apps at Once?

  • Open the Chrome app on Android.
  • Tap ‘More’ at the top right.
  • Tap History and clear browsing data.
  • At the top, choose a time range. To delete everything, select All time.
  • Next to “Cookies and site data” and “Cached images and files,” check the boxes.
  • Tap Clear data.

You’re all done.

What Happens If You Clear All Cache On Snapchat?

It removes some data from Snapchat that helps to run Snapchat more smoothly. For example, it won’t delete your memory, snap, or chats. But it will remove your saved lenses and filters.

Will Clear Cache Delete Photos?

No, it won’t. If you clear the cache, it won’t delete photos or any downloaded things. This is because photos are stored in the user data partition inside the Android device’s internal memory.

Conclusion: Cache saves automatically even if you don’t want it. But it’s quite normal. So when your phone gets hang or any apps stop working, go to settings and remove caches. It will boost your phone performance. So now you know clear all cache at once in Galaxy A12. Thank you for reading the full article.

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