How to Cancel iCloud Storage

This article will give you an overview of How to Cancel iCloud Storage. You gain 5 GB of iCloud storage space when you create an Apple ID account. If this isn’t enough, you can pay a monthly charge to upgrade. However, if you ever want to return to the free 5 GB of storage, you may do it from your mobile device, Mac, or Windows PC. However, if you back up more than 5 GB of data while on the upgraded plan and then cancel it, iCloud may cease to work. You may need to erase data from iCloud to enable iCloud services to start working.

How to Cancel iCloud Storage

You can cancel iCloud storage from iPhone, iPad, MAC or pc. In this part of the article, I’ll give you a complete overview of cancelling iCloud storage from a different device. Those are:

  • How to Cancel iCloud Storage On the iOS Device (iPhone, iPad or iPod)

Follow the steps to continue the process.

Step 1: Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup, then tap Change Storage Plan.

Step 2: Tap on the Downgrade Options, tap to put a checkmark beside your current plan and then tap Done.

Step 3: Tap Confirm in the dialogue that appears.

Note: If you downgrade or cancel your iCloud+ plan, the change takes effect after your current subscription billing period ends.

  • How to Cancel iCloud Storage On the MAC?

Step 1: pen iCloud, then click Manage.

Step 2: Click Change Storage Plan from the upper right.

Step 3: Click the Downgrade Options, then enter your Apple ID and Password.

Step 4: Click to select your current plan so that a checkmark appears.

Step 5: Finally, click Done to end the process.

  • How to Cancel iCloud Storage On a Windows Computer?

Step 1: Open the iCloud Control Panel, and then click Manage.

Step 2: Click Change Storage Plan, then click on the Downgrade Options.

Step 3: Now, select your current plan, and then click Done.

  • How to Cancel iCloud Storage Without Apple?

If you don’t have an Apple device and still you want to cancel iCloud Storage, you will need a computer. Follow the steps below to cancel it.

Step 1: Open iCloud for Windows.

Step 2: Click Storage > Change Storage Plan.

Step 3: Select Downgrade Options.

Step 4: Enter your Apple ID password and then click Manage.

Step 5: Select the plan you want to use. Remember that when selecting the free plan, you may lose access to some of the extra iCloud+ features you have as a storage subscriber.

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If You Cancel iCloud Storage, What Happens Next?

If your iCloud storage exceeds the capacity of your new storage plan, iCloud will not sync or update your data. When you increase your storage capacity or delete data to free up space, iCloud updates again. You will lose access to iCloud+ services like Hide My Email, Private Relay, and HomeKit Secure Video support if you downgrade to the free iCloud Subscription. If you have an Apple device and an iCloud+ plan, you can downgrade or cancel the iCloud+ plan and only use the iCloud+ plan with Apple.

Final Verdict: Now you know how to Cancel iCloud Storage. Sometimes your Apple storage gets full and needs to be clear. You can do it manually, but at the same time, if you want to cancel iCloud storage, it will also work. I hope all the instructions I shared will help you a lot. Thank you for reading the full article.

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