Evertek USB Driver Download All Version 2022

Download The Evertek USB driver and connect any kind of Evertek device to desktop to share files and photos between them. After installing the driver on the Windows computer, you can easily transfer data and documents. Also, it will allow you to update the latest Android OS version as well as to browse the system files on your smartphone from PC. The drivers will help you to flash the stock ROM on your smartphone too. If you face difficulty connecting Evertek phone to your Windows computer, then download the correct software from below. Here, we have provided all Evertek USB drivers along with installation tutorials.

What is Evertek USB Driver?

Evertek USB driver is an all-in-one software specially made for Windows computers. It allows the Windows OS to communicate with the connected Evertek device properly and correctly. After connecting the mobile to PC via data cable, you need to install the driver. With this driver, you can control your device from the computer. So you see that a USB driver acts as a bridge between computer and smartphone to function the device properly.

Do You Really Need Evertek USB Drivers?

Well, this is a relative question. Many Android users do not need Evertek driver in the device lifetime; however, a few advanced users and developers need this driver to perform critical system tasks such as flashing the stock firmware, installing the custom ROM, using the custom recovery and modifying the default apps that involve the alterations of the system files. Often, users need the Evertek USB driver to root any Evertek device if the mobile shows system error or gets slower.

Features of Evertek USB Driver:

Install Quickly

In this post, we have managed to upload the latest Evertek USB drivers based on models. Besides, all USB drivers are the official versions. So the drivers will be installed quickly. Once you open the driver after downloading, it can be installed on your PC fast, and without incurring any problem. Just download the latest version from our post and install it as per our guidelines.

Support Different OS Version (Windows 7/8/10)

Windows compatibility is another useful feature of Evertek USB drivers; in fact, it is rare that modern USB drivers do not support the Windows versions. No matter which Windows OS you are using, Evertek drivers, provided below, will work efficiently. They support Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 including 63-bit and 32-bit systems.

Multitasking Functionality

Most of the USB drivers only connect the smartphone to the computer but, Evertek drivers not only connect your PC to mobile but also, you can use them for flashing the device with the help of SP Flash Tool. Also, you can use the driver to change the default apps, to test the mobile apps, and to root the device using iRoot App. From this post, you can  Choose the driver based on the chipset and establish a seamless connection between Evertek mobile and Windows PC.

Transfer any File between Two Devices

After connecting your mobile with PC using the USB driver, you can transfer all kinds of files such as DOC, PDF, Excel, Photos, Videos, and Messages. Also, it lets you back up APKs and essential folders to your PC. Transferring files and rich media from desktop to mobile is the basic function of the Evertek USB drivers.

Browse Mobile File System

With the help of the driver, you will be able to browse your connected Evertek smartphone and make necessary changes such as installing or deleting apps. Usually, you cannot uninstall the default app from the Android system; however, to uninstall or delete default apps from any Evertek device, you need to install Evertek USB driver along with any rooting app such as Root 360.

How to Download Evertek USB Driver

Evertek USB drivers let your PC to recognize and connect Evertek devices to the computer. Without the drivers and using the file transfer app, you can still transfer files. However, file transferring apps may not work on all mobile. Besides, connecting devices with drivers is an old-fashioned way without installing third-party software.

Here we have collected and listed all the available Evertek USB drivers for you. Click on the link based on the driver model and download Evertek USB driver software with one click. All our download links are 100% safe and virus free.

Download Evertek EverMiracle USB Driver

How to Install Evertek USB Drivers

If you still cannot figure out how to install Evertek USB Driver on your Windows computer, then read the steps below and follow them accordingly.

Step 1: Connect your Evertek device to PC using a standard data cable.

Step 2: Go to the download folder on your PC and locate the driver. If you have downloaded the driver yet, then click on the “Download” button and get the driver.

Step 3: Now, extract or unzip the driver RAR file using any data compression software.

Step 4: Click on the “Start” button from the bottom left corner and go to the “Control Panel” option.

Step 5: Double-click the “Device Manager” and find your computer name in the top section.

Step 6: Now, double-click on the computer name and click on the “Action” menu and select the “Add legacy hardware” option

Step 7: Click the “Next” button, and it will launch the hardware wizard.

Step 8: Now, select to “Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)” and click on the “Next” button.

Step 9: Select the “Show All Devices” and click the “Next” button again.

Step 10: Now, click the “Have Disk” button.

Step 11: Click on the “Browse” button and locate the driver you have extracted in the first step.

Step 12: When the driver is listed, then click the “Open” button and press the “Next” button again.

Step 13: Then, the Windows Security box will come, and you need to confirm if you want to install the driver from this source. Select the “Install this driver software, anyway” option.

After that, the device manager will install the Evertek USB Driver on your Windows computer. It may take several seconds to one minute.

Step 14: After completing, click on the “Finish” button to close the “Add Hardware Wizard” option.

If you have completed the above steps correctly, then you have successfully installed the Evertek Driver on your Windows computer. Now, you will see the driver is installed and listed in the device manager under the “Ports” option. You can connect your Windows PC to the Evertek device easily and transfer files or flash the stock ROM using the SP Flash Tool.

Developer Credit: The respective developers are the sole owners of all USB drivers we have listed on this page. We are sharing the official drivers as freeware. All credit goes to the company for releasing and sharing such amazing and useful drivers for us.

Conclusion: Evertek has developed all the USB drivers listed here. So, the credits must go to that company for developing and distributing the software. However, the drivers we have shared on our posts are all the latest versions, and they are 100% working. Also, these are virus-free as they are from the original developer. So, if you are trying to connect your Evertek smartphone to PC, then download Evertek USB driver from our list and connect immediately. Feel free to comment below if you have any queries relating to downloading and installing Evertek USB drivers.

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