Download Lyf USB Drivers All Models

Download Lyf USB drivers and connect your Windows computers to all Lyf smartphones, feature phones, and tablets via data cable. The drivers create a secure connection between PC and mobile. Typically, the users will need this driver when they want to transfer files from device to computer. Also, you will need Lyf drivers along with the preloader driver if you need to flash the stock ROM on the smartphone. From this page, you will get the official Lyf USB drivers for all models.

Download Lyf USB Drivers All Versions

In this section, we have listed all available Lyf USB drivers based on device models. So at first, check the model number of your Lyf device and click the corresponding download button to get the latest USB driver.

lyf usb driver

You Must Check:

Points to Remember

  • With Lyf USB Drivers, you can connect only Lyf device to PC. After connecting, you can share files between device and PC. Also, it will help you to flash the stock ROM on Lyf devices
  • These Lyf USB drivers are for only Windows OS. You cannot use them on other OS.
  • From Windows XP to Windows 10, these drivers will support all of the available OS versions.
  • Download Qualcomm Smartphone Write IMEI Tool for writing or flashing IMEI on Lyf device.
  • If you want to flash the scatter based firmware on Lyf mobile, then you can download Qualcomm Flash Image Loader.
  • Download Gionee Qualicom driver to get the latest Qualcomm USB driver as an alternative to Lyf driver.

Developer credit: Lyf Mobile Inc. has developed and distributed all Lyf USB drivers we have listed below. As freeware, we have listed and shared these drivers for you, and anybody can download and distribute them. So all credit goes to the developer team for creating and providing such useful driver assistant without charging anything.

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