Celkon USB Driver Download for All Models

The Celkon USB driver, an all-in-one software package, allows any Celkon smartphone to connect and communicate with the Windows system of a computer. It establishes a secure connection between the mobile device and PC. Usually, the OEM is – in that case, Celkon – developing and distributing their custom USB drivers along with the smartphone in the market. The driver is essential if you want to get access to the Celkon device system. Without installing the PC suite, downloading the USB driver is the primary way to communicate your Celkon device with a computer.

There are many reasons to use USB drivers; for instance, if you want to share files, browse system programs, or even want to repair and recover apps on the Celkon smartphone from PC, then you will need USB driver software. Besides, few users download a USB driver to flash the custom ROM of their Celkon device. Here we have listed all the Celkon USB driver latest versions categorized by model. Also, you will find how to USB driver download and installation guide along with system requirements.

Celkon USB Driver Download

Full Features of Celkon USB driver:

Official Driver

Celkon, a familiar name in the mobile budget industry, is an Indian smartphone manufacturer that offers few flagship mobiles every year. After launching the device, they tend to develop and distribute the custom USB drivers for their handset. That is why you get one driver for each model. Here, we are sharing the official Celkon USB driver, which is coming from directly the original developer.

Supporting Devices

Does this driver support my Celkon device? People ask this common question in various comment sections. Well, for your convenience, here are listed drivers will support all kinds of Celkon devices even if you bought one of their new phones yesterday.

Compatible Windows Versions

The Windows compatibility issue is less common because all Celkon USB drivers are official and support any Windows OS version. From Windows 10 to Windows 7, you can use their drivers. Also, the drivers are compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit OS system.

Secure Drivers

As we have mentioned earlier that all our Celkon USB drivers are official, these are secure and 100% safe. The developer team has tested each driver before distributing it in the market; also, the gang checks bugs or malware periodically.

Latest Version

All Celkon USB drivers we have shared on our post are the latest version. Typically, whenever we find the update files, we discard the older software and replace it with the new download link. The older driver may not work with the updated model, so we recommended downloading the latest driver version.


If you are a beginner and want to download Celkon driver the first time, then we assure you that there is no price tag for Celkon USB drivers. You can download any driver matched with your device model free. You can even get the updated version from our site without paying any money.

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How to Download Celkon USB driver for Windows

In that phase, we will explain how to download Celkon USB drivers. If you are looking for downloading the Celkon USB Driver for Windows, then you are in the right place. Here we have listed all the active USB drivers from Celkon. There are multiple drivers you can find in our post, check your Celkon device model and download the correct one.

  • Now click on the “Download” link, and the zip file will be downloaded on your computer.
  • It will take several seconds to one minute, depending on your internet speed to download
  • When the download is completed, you can check the Celkon driver setup file on the download folder.

Celkon USB Driver File Information:

List of Supported All Celkon USB drivers:

Device Model Download link
Celkon UniQ USB Drivers Download
Celkon CliQ USB Drivers Download
Celkon Ufee USB Drivers Download
Celkon Swift USB Drivers Download
Celkon CliQ 2 USB Drivers Download
Celkon Smart USB Drivers Download
Celkon Star USB Drivers Download
Celkon Star Plus USB Drivers Download
Celkon Diamond U USB Drivers Download
Celkon Diamond Tab 8 USB Drivers Download
Celkon CT744 USB Drivers Download
Celkon 4gTab-7 USB Drivers Download
Celkon Star 4G+ Download
Celkon Star 4G Download
Celkon Smart 4G Download
Celkon U Feel 4G Download
Celkon Astro Download
Celkon Diamond Ace Download
Celkon Diamond Pop Download
Celkon Millennia Ufeel Q599 Download
Celkon Diamond Q4G Download
Celkon Diamond 4G Tab 7 Download
Celkon Diamond 4G Tab 8 Download
Celkon Millennia Q519 Download
Celkon Millennia Q519 Plus Download
Celkon CT722 Download
Celkon Millennia Everest Download
Celkon 2GB Star Download
Celkon Campus Prime Download
Campus A403 Download
Celkon Millennia Hero Download
Celkon Millennia Q455L Download
Celkon 2GB Xpress Download
Celkon Q58 Xplore Download
Celkon Campus A35k Remote Download
Celkon Millennia Q3K Power Download
Celkon Millennia Q452 Download
Celkon Millennia ME Q54+ Download
Celkon Millennia Q5K Power Download
Celkon Campus A359 Download

Celkon USB Driver Installation Guide

The Celkon USB driver installation process on Windows is the same. If you are a beginner and still cannot figure out how to install it, then follow the below steps.

Step 1: Go to the “Download” folder and look for the zip file. Extract it on your computer. After extracting, you will notice several files, including the set up one.

Step 2: Open the setup file, which is “Celkon USB driver.exe,” and click on the “Next” button to continue.

Step 3: Now choose your language, preferably English, and select your country, then click the “Next” button.

 Step 4: Select the installation location from PC, recommended to keep it default and click on the “Install” button.

Step 5: The installation process will take a few seconds and click the “Finish” button to complete.

Step 6: Then, “Restart” your PC, and now you can connect your Celkon mobile to the computer easily.

Conclusion: Here is all about the Celkon USB driver 2020 for you. These drivers are the latest versions and compatible with any Windows OS. If you need to connect your Celkon device to PC, then download and install the driver from this post and share files easily. Thanks for being with us.

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