Best 7 Root Application for Android Device

Hi Guys, Today we are going to share the best 7 Rooting Apps with full features. When We use an Android device for a long time, we found the various problems. For example, it gets slower, some applications don’t work properly, etc. To get rid of this problem, you can root your android system. it’s a pretty good option to make your phone like new. Nowadays, rooting your device less popular than previous years. Stock Android grew up quite a bit and the root becomes less appealing.
our phones are fast but if you want to make your phone super fast than the root option is for you. still, people like to root their devices. If you are one of them or considering it, then we will give some suggestions to make your decision easy.

Best 7 Root Application for Android Device

In Google Play store, there are many root apps available that help to get rid of those problems. Also some apps you don’t find in play store, use those at your own risk.

Top 7 Root Apps for Any Android

Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is the best Android root apps that basically work as a Backup tool for an Android device. By using this root app, you able to backup, freeze and control all your files, application, and market links. Even, it always stores Multiple back-ups for each app isn’t it amazing

Titanium Backup Features

  • Apps freezer and good for restoration.
  • Let you synchronize files from Google Drive.
  • Able to integrate system apps info to the ROM.
  • Multiple back-ups for each app
  • system logs cleaner are available.
  • System app converter available
  • It can restore all the messages, files, Bookmarks, calls, etc.


iRoot allows you to root your device in a single click. One of the best and simplest ways to rooting your Android smartphone is by using the iRoot. iRoot allows you to root your device in a single click. iRoot is one of the most popular and preferable root software available.

iRoot features

  • High Success Rate and most popular Root software
  • Wide Android Line Support
  • iRoot cleans all the junk and also helps Hibernate apps you are not using for a long period of time.
  • This app also scans your battery performance also hibernates battery-draining apps from the settings in the background.
  • High Success Rate and most popular Root software
  • Wide Android Line Support
  • iRoot app also checks all your apps for stability and also boosts poorly performing apps. It’s making sure
  • that there’s no more leg in the device.

Root Booster

if your first requirement is to enhance the performance of your Android device than Root booster is for you. Root Booster increases the application performance when you have a rooted Android device. Root Booster is pretty good at enhancing the battery power

Root Booster Features

  • Root Booster checks the device’s condition regarding its rooted Access.
  • it can CNET is the driver for the direction of CPU.
  • Root Booster eliminates the junk files.
  • Root Booster disable the hibernation mode and freeze unused running apps
  • Root Booster can check VM heap size to increase the battery power.


There’s no need to root your device using Greenify, but if your device does happen to be rooted then the app is much needed for your android device.
Greenify is a very important Apps for rooted devices. when your device is associated with root access, it may be slower and may many of your apps may not work. that time Greenify can bring those apps besides making your device smooth and quick. Greenify also great for hungry batteries.

Greenify Features

  • Greenify identify power-consuming apps and place them into hibernation when you are not using them.
  • It will stop all the background functionalities to keep the battery charged.
  • Greenify identify the harmful apps before you to deal with them.
  • Greenify has Doze Mode for saving battery life.
  • Automatic hibernation and system app converter are available.
  • Greenify Show details of every single app So that you can make a good discussion.
  • You can also de-Greenify apps when you want to.

Root Browser Classic

People mostly use this app to explore all their files system on the Android device. The best part is the full access to your rooted device. Moreover, this app is customizable and lets you do all the tasks on your phone within a second.

Root Browser Classic Features

  • Root Browser Classic two separated file managing panels.
  • Let you move, zip, delete multiple files with only one effort.
  • In Root Browser Classic, you create and delete directories very easily.
  • Easily zip, apk, and other archives.
  • Generate the folders as well as delete file folders them.
  • Adding new folders and files in any directory is very easy too.
  • Let you browse files and folders by name, size, and date full details.

Solid Explorer File Manager

If you are looking for an all in one type of file managing Android Root app than Solid Explorer File Manager is for you. It has a paid version that provides high-quality services.

  • Solid Explorer Features
  • The app’s interface is material design.
  • Solid Explorer supports all kinds of file formats and even the encrypted ones.
  • Root access makes Solid Explorer a fully functional.
  • search finds your files in a couple of seconds.
  • It supports cloud storage management for both normal and rooted devices.
  • Solid Explorer has two independent panels serving as file browsers.
  • Cloud file manager: OneDrive, Google Drive, Sugarsync, Mediafire, Owncloud, Yandex, etc.

XBooster Root

XBooster Root is packed with a simply designed UI and some beautiful widgets also. XBooster Root can improve the battery life of the device. It is recommended for them who are always engaged with the multitasking system or playing HD popular games

XBooster Root Features

  • XBooster Root has DRC (Dynamic RAM calculation) calculation that will check the algorithm to boost
  • your phone’s performance.
  • XBooster Root helps to kill the useless running app in the background.
  • Intelligently changes mini free values according to the device’s hardware.
  • Home screen widget helps to kill useless background apps at any time.
  • Option for video/gaming graphics enhancement.
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