Avator Box Latest Version 8.002 Full Setup Free Download

Download Avator Box latest v8.002 setup file and flash and bypass password lock on any Chinese smartphones, feature phones, and tablets. It is a highly effective repairing tool for major chipsets based devices such as mediatek, Qualcomm, and Spreadtrum. It is the best utility that fixes any lock issue.

Here, we will share the latest version of the Avator Box setup file. We also explain what it is and primary functions along with features. Moreover, you will get how to download and install it from our post.

What is the Avator Box?

Avator Box is a PC software, especially for Windows computers, that allows you to flash the stock firmware and unlock and repair password-related issues. It is a popular multi-purpose tool for Chinese smartphones. Bypassing country lock is a widely used method while bringing smartphones from abroad. However, to unlock the country lock, you will find many tools, but a few of them like Miracle Box, Volcano Box, NSPRO Box and Falcon Box can complete the task properly.

Well, the good news is that even if your downloaded tools do not work, you can install and use Avator Box. It is a simple and effective tool to repair and fix all unlocking problems. Before sharing the download links and installation process, let’s find out the common features and functions of this tool.

Functions of Avator Box

If you read the above sections, you may already guess that you can use it to flash the smartphones and repair the unlocking issues. Here, we have listed the completed functions of the Avator Box for your convenience.

MediaTek Functions:

  • Read and write flash
  • Also, it reads the unlock code
  • Format FFS also refix phones
  • Strong Backups and touch screen settings and Calibration Bypass
  • Read mobile detail
  • Repair Simlocks, phone, users, without any formatting settings
  • Reset all troubling software
  • For sim1 and sim 2 repairs EMEI

Check: MTK USB Driver

SperadTrum Functions:

  • Automatically reset factory mode, pattern locks, and phone.
  • Reads all unlock code and also read/write flash and phone info.
  • No root and USB Debugging mode.
  • Save data from damage.
  • FFS format.
  • Gmail ID removes and repairs EMEI.

Check: SPD USB Driver

NXP Functions:

  • Read/Write Flash/ Information.
  • CPU: All NXP CPUs.
  • Avator Box Crack Support Analog Devices (ADI) + Features:
  • Read Phone info and Read/Write Full Flash

Infineon Functions:

  • Reads Sim cards after flashing / read and write flash

Silabs Functions:

  • Unlock Phone and read phone info.
  • Write/ Read Flash
  • Reset Phone + Format FFS

Anyka Functions:

  • 3223\3224 Read\Write Flash\Read SIM Card

Qualcomm Features:

  • Read phone info and unlock code/Unlock phone

Check: QPST Flash Tool

Mstar Features:

  • Repair IEMI and unlocks the phone
  • Read flash and write plus phone info explorer

Coolsand INCL Features:

  • COM Support Only

Features of Avator Box

Using this tool, you can solve multiple issues such as unlocking and flashing on various Chinese phones based on MediaTek, Qualcomm, Spreadtrum, and many more. However, here are the complete features of the Avator Box for your convenience.

  1. After using smartphones, especially Chinese devices, for a long time, to fix software issues or install custom ROM, you will need to flash the firmware on the device. In that case, Avator Box will come in handy. Using this tool, you can flash the device within one click.
  2. If you forget the maze code or login code, then the Avator box can unblock the lock within a short time.
  3. Often, the users need to repair the IMEI file on the device. If other tools fail to fix this type of issue, you can use the Avator tool.
  4. Along with fixing and repairing the lock, you can use it for downloading software, including the hardware info on your computer.
  5. The user interface is customer friendly. Anyone with a little computer knowledge can use this tool to find everything on the user manuals. However, it is recommended to know what you are doing to avoid unnecessary mistakes.
  6. To delete bugs and fix errors, the Avator box can be your primary choice.
  7. With one click, you can root your smartphone within a second.

Supported Chipset Models

MKT Models:

  • 6217, 6218, 6219, 6223, 6223DA, 6225, 6226, 6627, 6228.
  • 6235, 6238, 6239, 6250, 6252, 6253, 6573, 6230, 6229.
  • 6575 , 6577, 6583, 6589 Unique (2GB to 32GB Read Full EMMC)

SPD Models:

  • SC6600D, SC6600M, SC6600E, SC6600I, SC6600L1
  • SC6600L2, SC6600L3, SC6600L7A, SC6600R, SC6600R2
  • SC6600RT, SC6600H, SC6600H3, SC6610, SC6620, WT6228
  • SC6800, SC6800H, SC8800D, SC8800S, WT6226, WT6226A
  • SC6820, SC8810 Unique(Read/Write Flash in Bin format)
  • SC7710, SC8825, SC6500, SC7715, SC7702 (Upcoming update in roadmap)

NXP Models:

  • AD6522 (NOR), AD6525 (NOR)
  • AD6527 (NOR), AD6528 (NOR)
  • AD6529 (NOR), AD6720 (NOR)

Infineon Models:

  • 7870 (NOR), 7880 (NOR)
  • 7890 (NOR), 7900 (NOR)

Silabs Models:

  • 4901, SI4901

Anyka Models:

  • 3223, 3224

Qualcomm Models:

  • CDMA Mobile’s

Mstar Models:

  • MSW8533 (NOR), MSW8533C (NOR), MSW8528 (NOR)
  • MSW8535 (NOR + NAND), MSW8538 (NOR + NAND)
  • MSN8533N (NOR + NAND), MSN8533D (NOR + NAND)

Coolsand Models:

  • 8809 Family

How to Download Avator Box latest Setup v8.002

If you are looking for downloading the latest version of the Avator box setup file, you are in the right place. Here, we have listed the Avator box latest v8.002 setup file for Windows. To get it, click on the download button, and the file will be downloaded on your computer right away. However, this tool is for Windows OS. You can use it on any Windows version you want.

How to Install Avator Box Setup file on Windows PC

In this phase, we will provide step by step guides on installing the Avator box latest setup file. If you are a beginner and want to install for the first time, then read all steps carefully and implement an incorrect manner.

Step 1: Download the Avator box setup latest version 8.002 from the above link.

Step 2: Extract the zip file and locate the EXE file.

Step 3: Double click on the EXE file, and then the installation process will begin.

Step 4: It will take a few seconds to a minute to complete the installation.

Step 5: When the process is completed, click on the finish button. Now, you are ready to use this tool.

Developer Credit: The Avator Box Team has developed and distributed this tool. We have shared this tool as freeware. So thanks to the official developer team, and all credit goes to them.

So, guy, that’s it for you today. If you are facing any issue we have mentioned above, you can use this tool. Also, feel free to comment below if you have any problems.

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