Arise USB Drivers Download for All Models

Download Arise USB Drivers and connect your Windows computers to any Arise smartphones, feature phones, and tablets. If you wonder why you need this driver and how to download it, then you are in the right place. In this post, you will get all answers to your questions along with the download link.

The USB driver is an all-in-one software program that enables Windows PC to communicate with the connected smartphones. Once you have plugged the device to the PC via data cable, your computer will detect and interact with the phone because of the USB driver.

Besides, the USB driver creates a secure and uninterrupted connection between the Windows system and smartphones. Without the PC Suite Applications, a USB driver is helpful for safe links. Often, the driver is integrated along with the device. So whenever you plug in the device to the PC via data cable, the driver is installed automatically.

However, if your smartphone does not have it, then you have to download and install it from the internet. Well, the good news is that many mobile phone manufacturers have made the driver available for us. In this post, we will share all available Arise USB drivers for your convenience.

Arise USB Drivers Download

There are two primary purposes for using the Arise USB drivers: one is to connect the device to the PC for sharing files, and another is for flashing the smartphone. To transfer data, modify default apps, or even repair and recover system files on the Arise device from the Windows PC, you will need to download Arise USB driver. Moreover, you can use the driver for flashing the stock firmware on the Arise smartphone.

Here, we have listed all the latest versions of Arise USB drivers categorised by the handset models. Also, you will find how to USB driver download and installation guide along with system requirements.

Full Features of Arise USB driver:

Supporting Devices (All Arise Mobiles)

In this page, we have listed the Arise USB drivers based on device models. These drivers will support any Arise handset. You have to download the drivers corresponding to the models. If your Windows PC does not find or communicate to the connected smartphone, then there is a chance that you might have installed the wrong driver. So recheck the model first and download the same driver from our list.

Official Drivers

To detect and communicate with the Arise device, you have to download and install the official Arise USB driver. Unofficial USB drivers may contain bugs or malware. However, we have shared the official Arise USB drivers for all models. Besides, these drivers are original and coming from the official developers.

Windows Compatibility

Windows incompatibility is a less common issue for USB drivers. All USB drivers are compatible with any Windows OS. You can use all Arise USB drivers on Windows 10 to 7. Also, these drivers support both 32-bit and 64-bit OS systems.

Quick Driver Installation

If the driver is infected by malware, then you cannot install it on your PC. Even if you can install the driver, the PC will not detect and interact with the device appropriately. However, the drivers we are providing are small and original. So after clicking on the install button, the driver will install it quickly.

Secured Drivers

Security is the prime concern when it comes to downloading anything from the internet, especially software. A virus-infected software is enough to crash your whole computer along with the smartphone. This type of problem occurs when you are attempting to download drivers from untrusted and third party sources. Fortunately, on this page, we are sharing the secured Arise USB drivers for you because these drivers are original. You can download them without having any trouble.


Is Arise USB driver free? Well, the answer is yes. All USB drivers are free for users. You will find multiple sources to download USB drivers, and all sources offer free downloads. Besides, you can download, install, and distribute the drivers with anybody without paying a buck.

How to Download Arise USB Driver for Windows

You will see multiple Arise USB drivers on this page. Now find out your Arise mobile model and download the exact driver matching the model number.

  • To download Arise USB drivers, click on the “Download” button, and the zip file will be downloaded on your computer.
  • The download process will take a few seconds to one minute, depending on your internet speed.
  • Once the download is completed, you will see the setup file inside the zip from the download folder.

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Download Arise USB Drivers All Models:

Arise Models Download Link
Arise AR24 Download Driver
Arise AR33  Download Driver
Arise AR40  Download Driver
Arise AR44  Download Driver
Arise AR52  Download Driver
Arise Bravo AR32  Download Driver
Arise AR32  Download Driver
Arise AR34  Download Driver
Arise AR42  Download Driver
Arise AR46  Download Driver
Arise AR62  Download Driver
Arise Bravo AR34  Download Driver
Arise AT505  Download Driver
Arise AT507  Download Driver
Arise A42  Download Driver
Arise A33  Download Driver
Arise A40  Download Driver
Arise Trinity T3  Download Driver
Arise T777  Download Driver
Arise T18 Swifty  Download Driver
Arise T1 Rowdy  Download Driver
Arise T1 Plus Rowdy  Download Driver
Arise Splash T401  Download Driver

Arise USB Driver Installation Guide

If you still cannot figure out how to install Arise USB Driver on your Windows computer, then read the steps below and follow them accordingly.

Step 1: Connect your Arise device to PC using a standard data cable.

Step 2: Go to the download folder on your PC and locate the driver. If you have downloaded the driver yet, then click on the “Download” button and get the driver.

Step 3: Now, extract or unzip the driver file using any data compression software.

Step 4: Click on the “Start” button from the bottom left corner and go to the “Control Panel” option.

Step 5: Double-click the “Device Manager” and find your computer name in the top section.

Step 6: Now, double-click on the computer name, click on the “Action” menu, and select the “Add legacy hardware” option

Step 7: Click the “Next” button, and it will launch the hardware wizard.

Step 8: Now, select to “Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)” and click on the “Next” button.

Step 9: Select the “Show All Devices” and click the “Next” button again.

Step 10: Now, click the “Have Disk” button.

Step 11: Click on the “Browse” button and locate the driver you have extracted in the first step.

Step 12: When the driver is listed, then click the “Open” button and press the “Next” button again.

Step 13: Then, the Windows Security box will come, and you need to confirm if you want to install the driver from this source. Select the “Install this driver software, anyway” option.

After that, the device manager will install the Arise USB Driver on your Windows computer. It may take several seconds to one minute.

Step 14: After completing, click on the “Finish” button to close the “Add Hardware Wizard” option.

If you have completed the above steps correctly, then you have successfully installed the Arise Driver on your Windows computer. Now, you will see the driver is installed and listed in the device manager under the “Ports” option. You can connect your Windows PC to Arise devices quickly and transfer files or flash the stock ROM using the SP Flash Tool.

Developer Credit: The respective developers are the sole developer and owner of all USB drivers we have listed on this page. We are sharing the official drivers as freeware. All credit goes to the company for releasing and sharing such amazing and useful drivers for us.

Conclusion: These are all about the Arise USB driver 2020 for you. These are the latest versions and compatible with all Windows OS. If you need to connect your Arise device to PC and share files between them, then download and install the driver from this post and share files easily or flash custom ROM. Thanks for being with us.

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