Advan USB Drivers Download for All Models

A USB driver enables Windows computers to communicate with the connected device securely. Similarly, the Advan USB drivers help you connect your desktop to a mobile device plugged in via USB cable. It is an all-in-one small software program that lets Windows system to detect and interact with the connected feature phone, smartphone, and tablet easily.

You will need this driver if you attempt to flash the stock firmware on the phone and transfer files between PC and mobile. Using a USB driver is a safe method. However, most of the device manufacturers integrate the driver in default. So whenever you plug in the device to PC, you will notice the driver is installing, and the Windows OS is configuring automatically. From this post, we will share the latest versions of Advan USB drivers for all models. But, first, let’s check out what are the standard functions and features of these drivers.

advan usb drivers

Features of Advan USB Drivers

Using the USB driver, primarily, you can transfer files and documents; but, it will help you to flash the stock ROM on your smartphone. The users need to install a USB driver for mainly flashing the stock ROM. Our listed USB drivers are the official versions. Here are the basic features and functions of the Advan USB driver.

Compatible Windows Versions

Our listed Advan USB drivers will work only for the Windows system. These drivers are compatible with all Windows versions such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. Moreover, you can use an Advan USB driver on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. However, these Advan drivers will not work on Linux or Mac.

Quick Installation

After downloading, you will find Advan USB driver with the execution package; that means you need to install it on your Windows PC. The driver comes as a zip file, and you should extract it on any folder. Then open the folder and double click on the setup file. The driver will be installed on your PC instantly. It is a small file, so it will not take much time to install.

Supported Devices

Do you wonder what devices our listed drivers will support? Well, Advan USB drivers will support only Advan smartphones, feature phones, and tablets. If your device is made different brands, in that case, we suggest downloading the brand-specific USB drivers.

Latest and Official Versions

For connecting and then performing the advanced tasks such as changing system files, you must download and install the latest driver because the older versions may not work correctly. Luckily, in this post, we have published only the latest versions and the official versions of all Advan drivers based on handset models. As freeware, we have shared them all on our site. In the following download section, we have organized the drivers based on handset models. So check your device model first and then download the corresponding driver.

Download Advan USB Driver all Models

These USB drivers will support all Windows versions from Windows 10 to Windows XP. Also, the listed drivers are compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit OS systems. Now, if you want to download the latest Advan USB driver, then you can click on the links below and get the driver file right away.

You Must Check:

Developer Credit

Advan Mobile Inc. has developed and distributed an Advan USB driver. Because of the original developer, all credit goes to the company—also, big thanks to them for sharing and improving useful drivers.

The USB driver is an essential element while connecting the device to the PC. This post is all about Advan USB drivers. In the above sections, we have tried to explain all features and function as clearly as possible. If you have any issues downloading and installing these drivers, let us know in the comment section.

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