360 Root App Download (APK) Latest v8.1.1.3

The 360 Root App is an Android Rooting App, which helps you to root any android device using the App only. This root app doesn’t need a computer to gain root access on your Android Device. In this article, we can share the latest version of 360 Root App download links also some previous versions.

360 Root App Download latest version

Features of  360 Root App 

Simple User Interface:
360 Root App using simple and smart UI so that everyone can use it easily. All you have to do is install 360 Root and press on the “Root” button.

Delete Pre-Installed Apps:
When you complete rooting your Android device using the 360 Root App, You able to uninstall unwanted pre-installed system apps from your device using the 360 Root app. This is one of the best features of this application.

Lock Gallery:
With the help of this tool you able to lock the Gallery of your Android Device. For this reason, you don’t have to install the separate android app to lock the gallery of your device.

One-click Root:
you able to root your Android device by just pressing the “Root” button in this application. its one-click root option making your work faster.

Remove Cache and System Cleaner:
This tool helps you to remove the cache data from your Android Device, for doing this your device performance of the device increases. 360 Root App allows you to perform System Cleaning within the root application.

Quick Root Access:
This tool allows you to gain quick root access on any Android Device from old Android versions to the latest one. All you have to do is just download and install the App on your Device, then Open and Click on Root Button for root access.

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Download 360 Root Apk all version:

Remember that

The 360 Root App is created by 360.CN. So all credits must go to him for making and distributing this tool free for us.

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